If you are looking for a place to sing, please watch the video above to experience the joy
of Sweet Adelines around the world!

When you find something you love, you just have to share it!

Spread the good news! Join us September 2016 for our Global Open House, an exciting time designated for choruses around the world to empower members to recruit others to join the harmony! Now is the time to share this life-changing organization with ladies you know! 

This worldwide open house spreads awareness of our organization while uniting Sweet Adelines around the globe as we embark on this a cappella adventure together.

See how The Lace City Chorus from Nottingham (Region #31) participated in a 6-week
membership initiative which resulted in over 80 potential singers attending a Learn to Sing Harmony course.

Now is the time, let's recruit others to join us in song!

Only you can reach your neighbor, best friend or sister-in-law. Join us on this awareness campaign to let them know on what they are missing out! Your participation is key — we can’t do it without you! The world needs more harmony, and we are just the vivacious group to make it happen!

Marketing Arsenal

Marketing and membership resources have been created for you, making it easy to be active and enthusiastically involved in Global Open House. All the work is done and ready for you to put into action!

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