SWEETening the Pot!

The Sweet! Adds Membership Incentive campaign has been extended indefinitely! Since its launch in January 2013, members have been eligible to earn dues incentives and additional bonuses for enrolling new members. To further strengthen the One Voice, One Message Global Membership Drive and the Global Open House events, this membership program is designed to reward members for their efforts. Simply put – if you are directly responsible for bringing in new members, you will be compensated as follows:

  • Add five members  – get free dues for a year ($90 value)
  • Add 10 members  – get free dues for two years ($180 value)
  • Add 15 members  – get free dues for two years and be recognized in The Pitch Pipe ($180+ value)
  • Add 20 members  – get a free three-year membership and be recognized in The Pitch Pipe ($243+ value)
  • Add 25 members  – get a complimentary brick on International HQ’s brick patio, a three-year membership, be recognized in The Pitch Pipe and be acknowledged at International Convention ($343+ value)

How Sweet! is that?

Member recruitment tools are readily available for your use in the Marketing Center, or check out a summarized list of useful resources on the Global Open House web page.

There is a newly revised "New and/or Transfer Member" form that includes a "Referred By" field so that all members who bring in new members will be noted and recognized for their efforts. Click here for new enrollment form

Every single member (even CAL or MAL) has the unique opportunity to perpetuate this wonderful art form by welcoming new members into the organization. By joining together, we have the power to reach the masses and help women across the globe discover the awesomeness of Sweet Adelines International!

Let’s do it again with One Voice, One Message!