Love to Sing? Sweet!

Join Sweet Adelines in January and September each year when hundreds of choruses from all over the globe come together to teach the world to sing!

Women of all ages who enjoy singing are invited to find and visit a Sweet Adelines International chorus. With members spanning the globe and more than 500 choruses in most of the fifty United States and 14 additional countries, you are bound to find your a cappella home!

Locate a chorus (also called chapters) near you by using the online Chapter Directory. Contact the chorus members listed either by phone, email or visiting the website listed. The chorus leaders and members will be happy to hear from you and will be thrilled to invite you to their next chorus rehearsal. Click here to search for a chorus near you.

Regardless of your experience, you are welcome to visit and SING! Join a Global Open House near you to find out what Sweet Adelines is all about, and if you’re not an experienced singer you may even discover a talent within that you never knew you had! Any woman of average singing ability, with or without vocal training, is sure to find a part that fits her voice range!

Find your voice!

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Sweet Adelines International members hold a strong passion for music, singing four-part a cappella harmony, barbershop style, and sharing this beautiful art form with the world. They are eager to share it with you!

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There is nothing like singing with Sweet Adelines International — the sound, style and technique of a sisterhood built on harmony. Experience the sweet sounds of singing with a worldwide chorus of friends!

For additional information, contact Linda Davis, membership specialist.

Step on our risers and sing!