The time is drawing near! This year's webcast will be better than ever!

The Honolulu Webcast Will Not Begin Until approximately one hour prior to competition start time. Until then you will receive an error message.

Please click here to visit the Webcast, hosted by Riverbend Media.

Click here for Chorus Semifinals onstage times [all times are local Honolulu time]

Click here for Quartet Finals Order of Appearance

There will be test video loaded on the page a few days before the live webcast begins - play it to make sure your computer/device is compatible and ready to view the Honolulu Webcast. You will also find a schedule, FAQs, Tech Support and a link to donate.


Please note that the actual Webcast will not begin until right before the Harmony Classic competition on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. 

All times listed are in Honolulu local time.  

Here is a time zone converter to help you figure out the start times in your time zone.

Click here for tech support.

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