Your Opportunity to Sing at International

Do you want to sing on the International Stage in Honolulu? This year you have two opportunities!

Join with other Sweet Adelines from around the world and experience the thrill of singing on the big stage — to an audience of thousands!

Each non-competing chorus is invited to send one representative to sing in the World Harmony Chorus on Saturday, November 9, before the chorus results are announced. Learn and sing two songs (As Long As We Have Music and I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing), and rehearse twice before heading to the stage with Bonnie McKibben directing the chorus!

Bonnie is the director of Honolulu Blend Chorus and has won more than 20 regional medals and three International medals, including the gold medal in 1990 with her quartet Panache. Among her varied leadership ranks, Bonnie is also a certified showmanship judge.

This just in: young female singers who were planning to participate in the Rising Star Contest (recently set to be rescheduled) are invited and welcomed to sing in the World Harmony Chorus.

Diane Porsch will direct a Tech Rehearsal Chorus on Tuesday, November 5. The first 250 non-competing members to register for the Tech Rehearsal Chorus will be accepted.

Diane is the director of Buffalo Gateway Show Chorus. She is a certified International faculty member, certified showmanship judge, and she coaches men’s and women’s choruses all over the world.

Fill out this form to join the World Harmony Chorus, and sign up for the Tech Rehearsal Chorus on the official registration form.