Bowling for Barbershop is a peer-to-peer fundraising and awareness campaign for Sweet Adelines International and its chapters worldwide. From May 1 to August 31, 2014, Sweet Adelines members, headquarters staff and friends will be raising funds for Sweet Adelines International's music education programs, membership growth/retention and chapter expenses.

Some chapters will be raising funds for music scholarships, some will be raising money to help get the chorus to competition and some may be raising funds to promote the wholesome art form of barbershop music in public schools. Each chapter's fundraising efforts will be customized and dedicated to a particular need.



Sweet Adelines International was founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1945 and its mission is to promote the art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition and performance. The organization boasts just over 23,000 members worldwide and more than 500 chapters.

Sweet Adelines International is more than just a hobby organizaiton. We are an organization that empowers women to live fuller lives through music, friendship and learning.

In August 2014, potentially more than 20,000 members from around the globe will be bowling and singing in a bowling center near you. Local, national and international media outlets will be contacted leading up to the events.

To make a tax deductible* donation, visit the fundraising website: Bowling for Barbershop Online Fundraising Website

If you are a member who wants to become involved, register here and visit the Bowling for Barbershop Toolbox in the Members Only Marketing Center for all the tools you will need to succeed.

Striking Chords and Knocking Down Pins! Donate or Register today!

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*Your donation is tax deductible in the U.S.