International Champion Quartets

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Since 1947, quartets have competed for the title of Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartet. Achieving that title is the ultimate dream for Sweet Adelines quartets. As the international champion quartet, you are declared the best in the world.

Those who win the coveted title also receive a crown as a symbol of their championship. Although the gold medal continues to serve as the prize for earning the most points at international competition, the ultimate gift to quartet champions is the crown, and it lives on as a lovely and lasting tradition of our organization. Sweet Adelines members also refer to champions as “Queens of Harmony.”

(Quartet members are listed by voice part, not as positioned in photo.)

Presenting... Sweet Adelines International Champion Quartets
Metropolitans, 1969 Champion Quartet

From San Francisco, California (USA), made up of Marie Disher (Tenor), Hilma Mortell (Lead), Pat Gibson (Baritone), and Mona Warren (Bass).

Galatones, 1968 Champion Quartet

From Mount Pleasant, Iowa (USA), made up of Margaret Layer DeJaynes (Tenor), Jean Shook (Lead), Sharri Mertens (Baritone), and Anna Lee Scott (Bass).

Hurricane Honeys, 1967 Champion Quartet

From Miami, Florida (USA), made up of Nancy Calay (Tenor), Iris Signorelli Cokeroft (Lead), Ruth Ann Strang (Parker) (Baritone), and Marge Grau (Bass).

Piper-Ettes, 1966 Champion Quartet

From Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), made up of Carolyn Morter Sexton (Tenor), Ruth Doll (Lead), Kitty Bawtenheimer (Baritone), and Carol Simons (Bass).

Shalimars, 1965 Champion Quartet

From Los Angeles, California (USA), made up of Ruby Rhea (Tenor), Patti Staffen (Lead), Anita Yarnell Gohl (Baritone), and Jan Fell Wyckoff (Bass).

Note-Cracker Sweets, 1964 Champion Quartet

From Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), made up of Mary Ellen Erickson (Tenor), Mary Lois Dick (Lead), Bev Schroeder (Baritone), and Nancy Peek Paul (Bass).

Heathertones, 1963 Champion Quartet

From Liverpool, Ohio (USA), made up of Lorida Harvey (Tenor), Betty Pettibon (Lead), Norma Jones (Baritone), and Bette Damaska Carothers (Bass).

Sea-Adelines, 1962 Champion Quartet

From Seattle, Washington (USA), made up of Shirley Alfonso Humann (Tenor), Jamel Barden (Lead), Katie Schwarzhans (Baritone), and Zoe Thompson (Bass).

Lyrics, 1961 Champion Quartet

From Freeport, Illinois (USA), made up of Liz Speer (Tenor), Lorene Eller Roberts (Lead), Diane Pauley (Baritone), and Sue McCoy (Bass).

Gibson Girls, 1960 Champion Quartet

From Gibsonia, Pennsylvania (USA), made up of Irene Blazek Buetler (Tenor), Gladys Clarke Carlysle (Lead), Naomi Haberlein (Baritone), and Anne McKay (Bass).

Yankee Misses, 1959 Champion Quartet

From Royal Oak, Michigan (USA), made up of Sue Arabian (Tenor), Marilyn Hamilton Conlan (Lead), Alice Farsakian Kennedy (Baritone), and Marcia Wittmer Major (Bass).

Sweet & Lows, 1958 Champion Quartet

From Berwyn, Illinois (USA), made up of Florence Anderson (Tenor), Joyce Cunningham (Lead), Mary Gilbert (Baritone), and Delores Wilson Godwin (Bass).

The Cracker Jills, 1957 Champion Quartet

From Royal Oak, Michigan (USA), made up of Bobbie Bostick (Tenor), Renee Limburg Craig (Lead), Judy Rowell (Baritone), and Jan Saundry(Bass).

The Junior Misses, 1956 Champion Quartet

From Peoria, Illinois(USA), made up of Sue Brown Lucas (Tenor), Katie Burnette Durbin (Lead), Helen Melzer Peters (Baritone), and Chris Coe Hohe (Bass).

The Nota-Belles, 1955 Champion Quartet

From Chicago, Illinois (USA), made up of Jarmela Speta (Tenor), Ruth Geils (Lead), Jan Kastens (Baritone), and Phyllis Haeger (Bass).

Mississippi Misses, 1954 Champion Quartet

From Fort Madison, Iowa (USA), made up of Nancy Bergman (Tenor), Darlene Cowles Kraus (Lead), Marcy Paul (Baritone), and Rose Rump (Bass).

Big Four, 1953 Champion Quartet

From Chillicothe, Illinois (USA), made up of Lucille Miller Bradley (Tenor), Inez (Junior) Thompson (Lead), Sarah LeMaster (Baritone), and Bertha Bradley (Bass).

The Pitch Pipers, 1952 Champion Quartet

From Illinois (USA), made up of Betty Hanson (Tenor), Jo Button Ligtvoet (Lead), Jan Linden Aman (Baritone), and Mary Ann Grieves Oller (Bass).

The Quarternotes, 1951 Champion Quartet

From Racine, Wisconsin (USA), made up of Ginny Clausen (Tenor), Phyllis Odders (Lead),Lois Dominick (Baritone), and Jewel King (Bass).

The Harmony Belles, 1950 Champion Quartet

From Arcadia, California (USA), made up of Dixie Rae Chapman (Tenor), Betty Robinson (Lead), Jeanette McLaughlin (Baritone), [later replaced by Shirley Rice], and Harriet Fizone (Bass).

The Tune Twisters, 1949 Champion Quartet

From Chicago, Illinois (USA), made up of Pearl Borg (Tenor), Sue (Pranno) Rosulek (Lead), Nancy Konsbruck (Baritone), and Marian Moore (Bass).

The Johnson Sisters, 1948 Champion Quartet

From Chicago, Illinois (USA), made up of Ruby Johnson (Tenor), Irene Bergman (Lead), Stella Berg (Baritone), and Harriet St. Leger (Bass).

The Decaturettes, 1947 Champion Quartet

From Decatur, Illinois (USA), made up of Vi Phillips (Tenor), Mary Minton (Lead), Myrtle Vest (Baritone), and Eva Adams (Bass).