2017-2018 International Board

Seated (l to r): Treasurer JD Crowe, President-elect Joan Boutilier, International President Patty Cobb Baker, Immediate Past President Paula Davis, and Secretary Thérèse Antonini.

Standing (l to r): Jennifer Cooke, Janice McKenna, Sharon Cartwright, Cammi MacKinaly, Mary Rhea, and Renée Porzel (Peggy Gram not pictured).

A dynamic organization requires vibrant and innovative leadership. At Sweet Adelines International, we are governed by the best and brightest women leaders from all over the world.

Meet our International Board of Directors. Twelve extraordinary women who excel in musicality and leadership, those champions for the organization that ensure Sweet Adelines remains innovative, fresh, visionary and thriving.  

The International Board of Directors functions as the governing and decision-making body of the organization and has the authority to spearhead all actions necessary to fulfill its purpose. Whether it’s strategic planning, program development or setting comprehensive standards for worldwide excellence, our board members sow their time and hearts into their important roles in the running of the organization.

In January of each year, Chapter Presidents/Team Coordinators are sent information on choosing potential nominees for the International Board of Directors. Chapters are encouraged to look at the leaders in their chorus, region, and the Sweet Adelines world with an eye toward their potential as members of the International Board. The nomination and slate selection process is described in the Policy Book, Section V, Divisions A-C and in the Chapter Guide, Section XI.

The IDEAL potential nominee’s qualifications should include the following:

•   The ability to think strategically, analytically, critically and creatively

•   The ability to effectively express thoughts and the reasons for them, via both verbal and written communication

•   Positive, objective attitude

•   The ability to work well on her own and with others as a member of a collaborative group with group decision-making authority and an understanding of the fiduciary duties of loyalty, care, and obedience to the mission and policies of Sweet Adelines International

•   Good listening skills

•   Knowledge of and ability to use available resources

•   Computer skills, with ability to communicate electronically

•   Possession of earned respect of other key stakeholder group members (for example, International Board of Directors, Regional Leaders, committee/task force chairs, etc.)

•   Demonstrates an understanding of the difference between “oversight” and “supervision”

•   Vision and long-range planning experience

•   Ability to adapt easily to different environments

•   Ability to relate to and interact with a variety of personality types

•   Earned reputation for emotional maturity, personal integrity, confidentiality and honesty

•   Training and experience in a field which could be of value to the International Board

•   Experience in Sweet Adelines International as a chapter, regional or International officer, committee/task force chair or member

•   A demonstrated understanding of Sweet Adelines bylaws, policy and working practices, related to both governance and the mission of Sweet Adelines International

•   Thorough understanding of the mission and vision of Sweet Adelines International to define and pursue goals, and to carry out the aims of the international organization

•   Will make a personal financial contribution to SA to nurture the culture of philanthropy

•   Professional appearance and dress

•   Availability to travel and attend the three annual meetings of the International Board of Directors

2018-2019 Executive Committee

The election of officers of the International Board of Directors took place March 2, 2018, and following are the members who will serve on the 2018-2019 Executive Committee:

Patty Cobb Baker, International President

Paula Davis, Immediate Past President

Joan Boutilier, President-elect

Thérèse Antonini, Secretary

JD Crowe, Treasurer

Message to the International President

The Corporate Services Department serves as the official staff liaison to the International Board of Directors. If you would like to send a message to the international president or a board member, contact the Corporate Services Department at corp_secy@sweetadelines.com.

International Committee List

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International Task Forces

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