One of the most exciting things about being a Sweet Adeline is participating in a regional or international competition.

The Sweet Adelines International annual calendar includes a variety of regional and worldwide contests, representing the pinnacle of education for our membership.

Each competitive opportunity includes a judging component with formative and evaluative feedback for every competing chorus or quartet. Judges give detailed feedback on performances, which are used as a learning tool to improve performance of the individual, as well as the group. Competitions represent exciting opportunities to travel, perform and learn, as well as to embrace the worldwide sisterhood that acts as the foundation for this worldwide association of women singers.

International Convention and Competition
International Convention and Competition is each year during late September, October or early November. It provides both a competition arena and an educational experience for members. Barbershop harmony fans from all over the world gather to listen to the best quartets and choruses from each region as they compete for the International championship title. Click here to find International competition scores, orders of appearances and other resources.

Regional Competition
Regional competition provides each chorus and registered quartet the opportunity to measure its achievement in the performance of barbershop harmony. Regional competition winners qualify to compete in International competitions. Click here to find regional competition scores, orders of appearances and other resources.

Harmony Classic Competition
The Harmony Classic Competition showcases the organization’s 10 best small- and mid-sized choruses competing in 12- to 15-minute entertainment packages. Click here to find Harmony Classic competition scores, orders of appearances and other resources.

Rising Star Quartet Contest
Sweet Adelines International offers quartets with members aged 25 and younger a chance to compete for the Rising Star Quartet Champion title. The Rising Star Quartet Contest is open to both members and non-members. Click here to find Rising Star Quartet competition scores, orders of appearances and other resources.

Young Women In Harmony Video Chorus Contest
Young Women In Harmony (YWIH) teaches emerging voices the skills, joy and rewards of performing and singing four-part harmony – barbershop style. This video contest, open to both members and non-members aged 25 and under, allows young women singers the opportunity to experience the joy of performing this American vocal music art form. Click here to find YWIH competition scores, orders of appearances and other resources