Packaging, Costuming and Scripting - OH MY!

The Open Division category has introduced and encouraged some highly creative packaging, costuming, scripting and singing in our regional competitions.

Beginning in 2014, contestants were able to benefit from judging comments regarding their non-contest songs, as well as the emcee work, scripting, staging, microphone technique, their creativity, and the unity of the entire presentation, as they communicated the music to the audience.

What a grand opportunity this new genre of competition provides to us, with an even larger platform for evaluation. We still have the benefit of a score and comments on a competition-worthy barbershop song, but we also get to know what worked well, and what could use improvement in our show packaging and performance.

Many of the contestants who chose this competition performance option the first year had so much fun with it they decided to do it the second year, too! Some of the contestants had tired of competing year after year in the same format and just wanted a new challenge. This is exactly what the new Open Division provided!

Open Division FAQ Sheet

Scoring Criteria for Open Division

Guidelines for Preparing/Judging an Open Division Package

Open Division Scoresheets

Competition Handbook

Any competitor interested in posting their regional competition performance on YouTube, social media or their website must have Sweet Adelines International’s written permission before posting and sharing. Please complete this survey for permission.


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