Grant Cycle 2 Application - Click here to apply

Sweet Adelines International is proud to have impacted the lives of more than 75,000 singers
through our competitive scholarship and education grants programming for young women.
Thanks to the generous donations of our members and community support from foundations and
corporations, Sweet Adelines International has awarded more than $1.1 million to preserve the
barbershop art form by investing in and propelling its future.

Scholarships and grant applications are accepted through email. Download the application here
and send to Deadlines for each program are:

  • Grant Cycle 1 – Opens March 9 and closes June 1
    Supporting activities beginning no sooner than November
  • Grant Cycle 2 – Opens August 1 and closes November 1
    Supporting activities beginning no sooner than May
  • Scholarships Cycle – Opens November 15 and closes January 25

Music education grants are available to individuals, groups, or organizations sponsoring or
hosting barbershop education and performance opportunities for young women. Opportunities
might include music festivals, education workshops or seminars, and/or other music education
events. While young women are the primary target audience for funding and receive preference
in the committee’s application scoring process, mixed harmony proposals will not be

Education grants are not available to religious or political organizations, nor may grant funds be
utilized for costs associated with the Rising Star Quartet Contest or other Sweet Adelines
International competitions.

Bev Sellers Memorial Scholarships - named in honor of the beloved former International Board
President’s contributions to this organization, music education and barbershop harmony - are
awarded for one academic year in the amount of $5,000 each. The number of scholarships
awarded is dependent on the amount of funding available, with at least one scholarship winner
guaranteed by Sweet Adelines International per scholarship cycle. Financial need is not
considered by the awarding committee.

Women eligible for this scholarship will:

  • Have completed at least one semester of university coursework
  • Be involved in barbershop activities or have been affiliated with Sweet Adelines
  • International for at least one year, OR be involved in a Sweet Adelines chorus or
  • regionally sponsored young women’s barbershop events for minimum of one year
  • If a member of Sweet Adelines, be in good standing with both her local chorus, her region and the
  • international organization
  • Intend to study music education, vocal pedagogy, or music composition at a four-year
  • college or university and provide verification of enrollment
  • Have a grade point average of at least 3.5
  • Demonstrate in her application notable interest in her chosen field of study, as well as
  • promise, success, and recognition in her field
  • Provide three signed letters of reference, including a letter from her chorus president or
  • director if she is a member of a Sweet Adelines chorus, or a letter from a Sweet Adelines
  • coach if she is in a quartet

For more information on available grants and scholarships, or to make a gift in support of these
education programs, email or call 918-622-1444.