Young Women in Harmony Educator Kit

Our complimentary Young Women in Harmony Educator Kit is available to music educators and contains comprehensive information for teaching young voices four-part harmony. It includes the following tools:

Educator's Guide
This guide includes teaching instructions and performance suggestions for each song. Each music selection is voiced for young singers.

Arrangements List

Download the Young Women in Harmony song list, a list of barbershop arrangements voiced for young women. Individual octavos are available for sale through Sweet Adelines International Sales Department.

YWIH Sheet Music Download

Ready to explore barbershop harmony? Sweet Adelines International offers the following arrangements, voiced for young women and formatted in SSAA:

Happy Birthday

Lean On Me

Mister Sandman

Star Spangled Banner


Please email to access your free copy of sheet music.

For a complete list of Young Women in Harmony arrangements in SSAA notation, click here.

License Terms

This music is owned by Sweet Adelines International and is protected by copyright law.

The terms of the license allow users to download and print one, free copy of sheet music per order placed in our system. It does not give the right to photocopy or print additional copies.

Except as provided above, you may not transfer, lend or electronically transmit or distribute the music files or parts of it, to third parties.

To place an order for additional copies of the music, please contact our International Sales Department via our sales site or 1-877-545-5441 or

For questions about our music voiced for YWIH, appropriate music selection for YWIH or any other YWIH-related questions, contact our Education Department:

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