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Campus Parking

There are 3 options for parking on the University of Maryland Campus:

  1. Weekly Permits - Weekly parking passes will be available once you arrive on campus and may be purchased at check in.
  2. Garage Self-Parking - This is the most convenient option. If spaces are available, registrants will park at the Mowatt Lane Garage for $15 per day and pay for parking each day via ParkMobile App that is available on all smartphones. ((Please note: your payment for a full-day of parking is not validated by car, but by parking space and if you choose to leave campus mid-day, there is a chance your parking spot could be taken.)
  3. Metered Self-Parking - IES registrants will be able to use the ParkMobile app on smartphones to pay for parking at these spaces. The cost per hour is $3 including overnight. For 24 hour guests, this option is not recommended. Metered parking is only recommended to guests looking for parking for an hour or two.

Please note that there will be a credit card pay option for those who do not use smart phones.