Classes Created A-chord-ing to Your Needs

Customize your IES experience with classes that interest you. Give yourself a free period if you like. Rest, study, shop at international sales or network. Extend your lunch period. It’s your schedule; it’s all up to you.

The Sweet Adelines International Education Symposium (IES) is open to members and nonmembers alike, though some classes in the curriculum may have limited registrations available.

Quartet Breakthrough Acceleration Camp With "the BUZZ"

Build your quartet’s musical repertoire and image, perfect your emcee skills and learn how to overcome stage fright with the 2005 Queens of Harmony. Anyone is eligible to enroll in the "the BUZZ" track whether you are a member, nonmember, male or female.

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Class Categorized by Area of Focus

As a general attendee, all classes are offered a la carte. In order to choose curriculum based on individual needs, each class is categorized by area of focus. A description of all classes are listed below. Areas of focus are referenced in bold letters below:

AA – Aspiring Arranger
AJ – Aspiring Judges
CO – Coaching
CRL – Chapter and Regional Leadership
CSVP – Choreography/Showmanship/Visual Leadership/Performance
DCP – Director's Certification Program
DIR – Directing
EA – Experienced Arranger
ML – Musical Leaders
QT – Quartet Breakthrough Acceleration Camp With "the BUZZ"
TG – Technology/General
VP – Vocal Production
YWIH – Young Women in Harmony

Class Descriptions A-Z

A Brave New World: Creating Performance Packages (CSVP)
3101 – Thursday Session 1
4101 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Judy Pozsgay
Ready to take the plunge and design a performance package? This class explores the process of putting together an effective performance package by examining the elements of a package, including developing a theme, script, music selections, emcees, etc.

Accessorize Your DeLorean: Barbershop Embellishments/Nuances (DIR)
3401 – Thursday Session 4
4401 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Dale Syverson and FRENZY 
Join our newest Queens of Harmony, FRENZY, as we explore the power of a variety of barbershop embellishments. Tips and techniques will be both demonstrated and experienced by the students.

Adjudicating the Ceremonial Ritual for Rising Stars (AJ)
5101 – Saturday Sessions 1 & 2  
Faculty: Vickie Maybury   
This class covers aspiring trial scorer preparation and level descriptors for judging a Rising Star Quartet contest.

Advanced Arranging (Limited to CMA’s & MMA’s Only)
4201 – Friday Session 2  
Faculty: Deke Sharon
There are few places in the world to study music arranging, and even fewer that offer any instruction on arranging a cappella. This seminar will offer ideas and discussion topics to further develop the skills of advanced a cappella arrangers.

Are You Taking the Direct Route or the Scenic Route? (DIR)
3301 – Thursday Session 3
4301 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Dale Syverson
Learn how to "read" the music/arrangement and the lyrics for effective ballad phrasing.

Around the Clock With Doc: Fundamentals of Theory for Barbershop Arrangers (AA)
3402 – Thursday Session 4
Faculty: Jean Flinn
Students will learn about the 11 chords used in barbershop arrangements, chord substitutions, and implied harmony.

Arrangement Reviews (Limited to 10 registrants) (AA)
3202 – Thursday Session 2 We're sorry, this class is now full.
Faculty: Suzy Lobaugh
Group review of participants' arrangements; perfect for those in IMAP or considering it. Bring an arrangement you’re working on! 

Back to the Book: Overview of the Sound Category (AJ)
3302 – Thursday Session 3
4302 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Betty Clipman
Understanding the elements of judging the Sound Category.

Back to the Future Again … Beginning With the End in Mind (CSVP)
3102 – Thursday Session 1
4102 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Peggy Gram
Warm-ups are just something we have to survive on rehearsal nights, right? Or could
they be more? This class takes you on an exploration of how to tailor your warm-ups to
address vocal challenges you will face in the music you will be singing in rehearsal,
building vocal skills all the while. Feel free to bring a problem spot you're working on and we will use it as a example for the class!

Barber-Pop Explorations: Arranging Pop Music for Barbershop Performers (EA)
3403 – Thursday Session 4
Faculty: TBA
Take a ride through the development of the IES 2017 song, "The Power Of Love." Explore some of the many interesting and challenging elements to be considered in the creation of enjoyable, singable, contemporary "barber-pop" arrangements. 

Baritones are not Extraterrestrials! (ML)
3103 – Thursday Session 1
4103 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Jana Gutenson
Let's explore the best of the species baritone through video and audio examples to develop an appreciation for and understanding of the craft of singing all of the other notes.

Breakthrough at the Molecular Level: Coaching, Priorities, Expectations (CO)
3404 – Thursday Session 4
4402 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Betty Clipman
Learn how to help others create a strong musical foundation.

Building Blocks to a Better Visual Team (CRL)
5102 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Renée Porzel
Learn to create a visual team that serves your chorus needs and supports the musical vision of your director.

Building Your DeLorean: Setting High Standards for Your Chorus (ML)
3104 – Thursday Session 1
4104 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Kim Wonders
Learn how to build and maintain a culture of high standards for your chorus.

Building Your Vocal Skills (VP)
3405 – Thursday Session 4
4403 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl
Vocal freedom comes from a relaxed body and mind.

Certified Arranger Round Table (Limited to Certified and Master Arrangers)
4303 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Jean Flinn & Suzy Lobaugh (Moderator)
Topics of relevance to attendees.

Choral Charisma: A Singer Prepares
3116 – Thursday Session 1
Faculty: Tom Carter
This workshop is for singers who want to fully inhabit both text and music, experiencing a performance that goes beyond "selling the song." Building on the techniques introduced during Music in the Morning, you'll go in-depth with a song of your choice.

Choral Charisma: The Director’s Special
3323 – Thursday Session 3
Faculty: Tom Carter
This session will give you games, exercises, and leadership tools all designed to develop trust, support, and joyful engagement within a group. We'll also look at ways to take a song from pre-rehearsal to performance, empowering singers to create that magical audience connection.

Choral Charisma: Move the Singer, Move the Audience
3420 – Thursday Session 4
Faculty: Tom Carter
Participants will explore different ways to physically integrate a song's text and its music. We'll play experientially, and we'll get to watch a demo chorus do the same.

Come McFly With Me: Performance Package Elements (AJ)
4404 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Sharon Babb
An intensive view of performance elements as represented by successful and less so Open Division and international finals performances.

Contemporary A Cappella Arranging in 10 Steps
4106 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Deke Sharon
Contemporary a cappella has been around for 20 years, resulting in a dynamic and rhythmic sound and style that differentiates it from barbershop, doo wop, close harmony, and other a cappella styles. Learn how to create a great contemporary a cappella arrangement using a tried and true 10-step formula.

Creating the Sound of the Future (AA)
3407 – Thursday Session 4
Faculty: Suzy Lobaugh
A close look at writing embellishments, key changes and tags.

Cut the Ties and Leap Ahead: Moving From Teacher to Leader to Performer (ML & DIR)
5103 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Lori Lyford
The director’s various roles and how they change as you move from teacher to performer — if you are willing to take the leap.

Deciphering the Code:  AEIOU (VP)
3409 – Thursday Session 4
4405 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Lori Lyford
Vowel matching concepts to maximize ring and consonant usage to maximize clarity. Yes, you can have both!

Designing a DeLorean:  Building Vocal Skills and Artistry through Physicality (VP)
3303 – Thursday Session 3
4304 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Paula Davis
How can we more effectively put all of our best vocal skills on stage consistently? When will we remember all the skills we’ve been learning and finally perform them successfully? We’ll look at how we can improve the odds of getting your best vocal skills connected to your best communication and showmanship skills. Learn tips that will elevate your performance every time!

Develop Your Style (VP)
5109 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Deke Sharon
So you’ve sung the standards, and know many other groups' biggest songs. Now what? Learn how to take your group’s unique strengths and interests and build them into a style that’s all your own. We’ll address musical style as well as visual and performance style. Before you know it, other groups will be singing your songs! 

Disassembling the Flux Capacitor: Music Category Overview (AJ)
4305 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Sharon Babb
A study of the components of the music category and guidelines for selecting competition music.

The Director-Arranger Relationship: Who's Driving This DeLorean? (AA & EA)
5110 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Dale Syverson and Corinna Garriock
Explore with Joey and Dale as they take you through the process of developing a new arrangement from concept to performance.

Doc Brown’s Prescription to Stay Cool on Stage (TG)
5104 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Marcia Pinvidic
Learn a 12-point strategy to overcome performance anxiety. This method was developed by a coach to the stars.

Doc Brown’s Wisdom for the Future:  Membership in the New Millennium (CRL)
3106 – Thursday Session 1
4107 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Paula Davis
An exploration of different chorus models that are being used to benefit members and leaders as they grow in numbers, skills and reach out to their communities.  

Doc's Rules for Singing in Tune (VP)
3107 – Thursday Session 1
4108 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Kim Vaughn
If you put your mind to it, you can do anything! Let’s find some ways to make this easier!

Don’t Be a Biff: Leadership for the 21st Century (CRL)
3411 – Thursday Session 4
4407 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Patty Cobb Baker
If you direct or coordinate the activities of others, you are a leader! Sweet Adelines provides a myriad of opportunities to lead the efforts of our fellow members. This class explores what it truly means to lead, the difference between leading and managing, and how passionate leadership can shape the culture of your organization for success.

Don't do What Biff Would Do! Copyrights and Wrongs (AA)
3306 – Thursday Session 3
4307 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Tracy Shoghi
Our music is the lifeblood of Sweet Adelines. This class is intended to introduce you to what is necessary to protect the rights of copyright owners and the Sweet Adelines music arrangers, as well as some common copyright infringements that must be avoided.

Don't Let Theory Melt Your Brain: Music Theory for DCP (DCP)
3307 – Thursday Session 3
4308 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Jana Gutenson
Review the basics of music theory designed to meet the requirements of the Directors’ Certification Program.

Elements of Appealing Arrangements Panel (AA & EA)
5105 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Jim Arns, Sharon Babb, Deke Sharon and Jana Gutenson (Moderator)
Join the panel of directors, arrangers, and judges in a discussion of what makes an arrangement appealing and address these questions: Why do we hear so many performances of the same arrangements? What can we learn from the choices of our leading performing groups? From other a cappella genres and other barbershop groups?

Expert-Level Music Directors’ Toolkit
4408 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Deke Sharon
Deke's best tips for music directors who are ready to take their group’s sound to the next level. Learn how to harness the physics of sound to build your toolkit, make your group’s vocal textures sound more instrumental, increase success with tuning, blend and rhythmic accuracy, turn a wooden choral melody into a smooth pop phrase, and so on.

The Flux Capacitor of Member Recruitment and Retention: The Director! (CRL)
3204 – Thursday Session 2
4204 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Paula Davis
Directors set the tone and atmosphere and are the biggest contributor to membership growth and retention. We’ll explore ways that help or may hinder your chorus growth and success. An open
and honest discussion of the opportunities and challenges that directors face and ways to improve outcomes for everyone.

Fluxing as One: Developing Your Chorus Culture (CRL)
3108 – Thursday Session 1
4109 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Cammi MacKinlay
Who are you? How are you perceived in the “outside” world? Where are you headed? Learn how to determine your chorus culture and capitalize on it.

From Unleaded to Jet Fuel (DIR)
3109 – Thursday Session 1
4110 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Dale Syverson 
Learn how to find and use the information provided by the composer/lyricist, arranger and the skills of your singers to guide you in creating an effective and dynamic plan.

The Future is in Their Hands: The Director-Choreographer Team (DIR)
3309 – Thursday Session 3
4310 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Jim Arns and Renée Porzel  
The director-choreographer working relationship is the most important one in your chorus! Jim and Renée will share their methods for teaching, reviewing and reinforcing the vocal and visual components of a song. Learn tips and tricks from this successful partnership, and gain insight into their many years of working together in these key chorus roles.

Get to the Heart of the Matter: Breath Art/Word Art (VP)
3205 – Thursday Session 2
4205 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Dale Syverson 
Learn and experience breathing and word delivery techniques that can bring an increased level of artistry to your performance.

The Gravitational Pull of Choosing Music (DIR)
3206 – Thursday Session 2
4206 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Jana Gutenson  
Investigate the fundamentals of choosing the right contest music for your chorus or quartet and how your choices impact your success as performers in the contest setting.

The Gravitational Pull of Emotion: Artistry and the Power in You (VP)
5106 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Ryan Heller
Learn from the masters: A study in performance artistry featuring the 2017 International Champion Quartet FRENZY.

The Great Mysteries of the Expression Category (AJ)
4207 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Vickie Maybury
Why we fall in love with barbershop; understanding the Expression Category.

“Great Scott!” The Power of Words (DIR)
3111 – Thursday Session 1
4112 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Betty Clipman
Creating an emotional connection with your audiences by making the lyrics come alive.

Guess Who? Characterization (CSVP)
3412 – Thursday Session 4
4409 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Peggy Gram 
When told by your chorus visual team that you need to be more expressive in your
performance, do you reply, "I am smiling"? Explore the effect characterization can have
on both your visual and vocal performance in this class filled with video examples and
lots of participation.

How to Become Youthful, Without a Time Machine (YWIH)
3310 – Thursday Session 3
4311 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Lori Lyford   
The attraction, care and “feeding” of young members in your chorus.

How to Get There From Where You Are: Rehearsal Skills for Musical Leaders (ML)
3311 – Thursday Session 3
4312 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Peggy Gram    
This fun class for musical leaders or quartet members explores many ways to
approach guiding the learning process and skill building in your musical group. Making
repetition more enjoyable helps to keep our members coming back to rehearsals each
week and results in a higher level of achievement for everyone!

The Hum of the DeLorean: Recognizing Resonation (VP)
3112 – Thursday Session 1
4113 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Sharon Babb     
An exploration of resonance, what it is, what affects its development and how to get more of it.

Hyperscribing, Tuplets, Tempo Tap and More! (AA)
3209 – Thursday Session 2
Faculty: Jean Flinn      
Arrangers with considerable experience in working with the Finale music notation software program will spend time together at the computer sharing tips and shortcuts. Topics will include hyperscribe-tempo tap, tuplets, expression marks, playback shortcuts and a few others.
Pre-requisite: Attendees must be extremely proficient in Finale to attend this advanced class. Attendees should bring a Finale project with them to work on in class.

In the Lab With the Doc: Making Rehearsal the Best Night of the Week (CRL)
5111 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Sharon Babb     
Planning rehearsals so that they are, indeed, the best night of the week.

The Inspirational Leader (CRL)
3312 – Thursday Session 3
4313 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Nancy Field
Inspirational leaders have a vision, set the pace, believe in the future, and connect people to the larger story! This class explores elements and characteristics of inspirational leadership and the needs of the people and organization you are leading. Learn about skills most relevant in leading yourself, connecting in one-on-one interactions and group settings, and creating an inspiring environment for successful goal achievement.

Inventions That Work! (AA)
3113 – Thursday Session 1
Faculty: Suzy Lobaugh
Getting started with arranging barbershop: The journey of putting notes on paper.

It's Showmanship, not Choreography, Biff! (CSVP)
3414 – Thursday Session 4
4411 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Lynne Smith
A class designed to learn how to create, teach and coach with the focus on showmanship — the stories, characters and emotions!

“Leapin' Lizards, Marty!” Achieving New Levels (CO)
3210 – Thursday Session 2
4209 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Sharon Babb
An exploration of judging levels, "judge think," necessary strategies and coaching for reaching higher levels of musical excellence.

Let the Melody McFly (ML)
3313 – Thursday Session 3
4314 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Kim Vaughn
Learn how to be a great lead! It’s not easy but it sure is fun!

Let's Build Something That Really Works (ML & DIR)
5112 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Kim Vaughn
You’ve decided on the song now what? Let’s take a song from decision all the way to performance.  Learn how to build a song from the ground up!

Let's Get Rehearsal Started ... to the Moon and Back! (CSVP)
3211 – Thursday Session 2
4210 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Lynne Smith
Understand the purpose of physical warm-ups and learn ways to elevate them for a great start to your rehearsal. How to layer them onto the vocal warm-ups.

Look to the Future: Strategic Planning (CRL)
3212 – Thursday Session 2
4211 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Thérèse Antonini
This session will present an approach to planning strategically for the future. Participants will practice applying the techniques reviewed.

Marty McFly at Work:  Building Trust and Dealing With Change (TG)
5113 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Paula Davis
Leadership isn’t easy to establish in these days when few trust their leaders. We’ll discover why trust is crucial to leadership and how to more effectively establish and maintain trust with those you serve. Explore how change impacts your relationships as a leader and how to weather the storms that change sometimes brings.

Mental Training for Performers (CSVP)
3115 – Thursday Session 1
4115 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl
Strategies for building mental strength. Five years of weekly practices in Rönninge Show Chorus will be shared.

The Mixed Voice: Special Effects! (VP)
3415 – Thursday Session 4
4412 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Kim Vaughn
Use of the mixed voice register, the issues and the rewards.

Moving Forward and Moving On: Communication and Dealing With Conflict (CRL)
3416 –Thursday Session 4
4413 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Thérèse Antonini
This session will review the importance of clear and calm communication and its role in dealing with and resolving difficult situations.

Musical Inventions: Yes, No, Maybe So! (VP)
3117 – Thursday Session 1
4116 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Joan Boutilier 
Have you ever wondered how helpful it really is to tank up on air before singing a long phrase? Or if you should sing the same way in your quartet as you do in your chorus? These and other topics will be explored by participants, with follow-up from a sound judge perspective.

Our Future Belongs to Us! Creating Ambassadors for Sweet Adelines (CRL)
3314 – Thursday Session 3
4315 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Cammi MacKinlay  
We all have a role to play in growing the Sweet Adelines organization. Join this interactive class to discover ways to create and cultivate ambassadors within your chorus.

The Past, the Present and the Future of the Judging Program (AJ)
3118 – Thursday Session 1
4117 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Renèe Porzel   
Learn about the history of the program and where it is headed in the years to come. Class will include information about all four categories, and will provide insight into the way judges use their category to score a performance. You will have the chance to instant level just like judges!

Performance Package Panel Discussion (CSVP)
5114 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Peggy Gram, Judy Pozsgay, Lynne Smith, Kim Wonders and Marcia Pinvidic (Moderator)
Discussion of open division and performance packages at competition.

Plutonium Powered Performances: Vocal Energy and You! (VP)
3315 – Thursday Session 3
4316 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Patty Cobb Baker
We all know an energized performance when we see it. Yet, are all of those performances equally entertaining? This class will examine the concept of energy as an element of the barbershop art form, what energy is and is not; where vocal energy originates; and how it is applied in the vocal performance through the use of masterful breathing skills. Get ready to take your performance to
a new even nuclear level!

Polishing Your DeLorean: The Power Packed Performance (CSVP)
3316 – Thursday Session 3
4317 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Kim Wonders
Identify the components of a power-packed performance and learn how to prepare one that is power-packed.

The Power of Positive Learning (ML)
3213 – Thursday Session 2
4212 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Joan Boutilier
Through activities and participation, students will discover the importance of setting up a positive culture for singers to learn and perform.

The Power of Rhythm and Energy (DIR)
3214 – Thursday Session 2
4213 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Marcia Pinvidic
A music appreciation class to learn the basics of rhythm and what it communicates to an audience.
Be ready to move and groove!

The Power of the Vocal Warm-Up (DIR)
3119 – Thursday Session 1
4118 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Patty Cobb Baker
There is a science and an art to those first few, yet critically important, moments of rehearsal we call “warm-ups.” The true objective of this part of rehearsal is building your chorus’ individual and ensemble singing skills and, well … it’s really not rocket science! Let a former NASA employee prove that to you, and learn the principles and practices of stellar chorus “skill building time!”

The Professional Performance, Then and Now (DIR)
4318 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Marcia Pinvidic
With performance examples from past Sweet Adelines International competitions and other sources, review elements that make your performances polished and professional.

Protecting Your Future Voice (VP)
3417 – Thursday Session 4
4414 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Darlene Rogers  
A guide to making choices for your voice that allow you to sing till you choose to retire.

Put Your Mind to Giving PVI's (ML)
3418 – Thursday Session 4
4415 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Vickie Maybury   
This class covers what a PVI is, how to give it, prioritizing instruction and leaving the student feeling a positive sense of accomplishment.

Rebooting Your Computer:  Adult Learners (DIR)
3215 – Thursday Session 2
4214 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Lori Lyford
Strategies for teaching adults in order to get the best retention, buy-in and level of participation.

Red Letter Unit Sound (VP)
3216 – Thursday Session 2
4215 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Kim Vaughn
The most important improvement your group can make unit sound.

Rev-Up Your DeLorean: Training Games for Performers (CSVP)
3217 – Thursday Session 2
4216 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Kim Wonders
An interactive class designed to give performers tools and training in concentration, imagination and energy on stage. To help performers learn how to move meaningfully and use their whole body to strengthen stage performance.

The Right Way at the Right Time: Using Task Forces and Committees (CRL)
4319 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Thérèse Antonini
This session will highlight the difference between a task force and a committee and when it is appropriate to use each. It will include a review of the current task force processes currently being used by Sweet Adelines International.

Rip Your Shower Curtain Open Wider! (CSVP)
3319 – Thursday Session 3
4320 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Lynne Smith
A fun, interactive series of exercises to help you step out of your comfort zone!

Rocketing Music Into the Future: Finale for Beginners (AA)
3120 – Thursday Session 1 We're sorry, this class is now full.
Faculty: Jean Flinn
Students will begin to work with the Finale music notation software program, set up their manuscript for barbershop arrangements, navigate simple note entry, speedy entry, playback controls, and lyrics. This class is for musicians with computer and mouse experience.

Running on Plutonium and Other Fixes (DIR)
3320 – Thursday Session 3
4321 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Vickie Maybury
This class covers great tips and techniques for directors and choreographers to fix problem spots in musical charts and performance issues.

Singing Low With Style and Purpose: A Fresh Take on Singing Bass (ML)
3218 – Thursday Session 2
4217 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Judy Pozsgay 
This class will examine strategies for maximizing your bass singing experience, and will take a fresh perspective and approach to singing the chosen part!

The Space/Time Continuum: Teaching Rhythms, Backbeat and Pulse (DIR)
3121 – Thursday Session 1
4119 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Lori Lyford
Tips on how to actually read some of those really crazy-looking uptune rhythms, and how to find the pulse and beat style.

Speech Therapy Applied to Singing (VP)
3219 – Thursday Session 2
4218 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl
Build your vocal excellence by using and developing your speaking voice in a healthy and rewarding way.

Stay Upright on Your Skateboard: Balance and Blend (VP)
3220 – Thursday Session 2
4219 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Peggy Gram
We all know that balance and blend are major components of the Sound category in our
judging system, but how do you accomplish those skills? And what's that cone thing all
about? Learn how to contribute even more to your section through the development
and understanding of these barbershop concepts and skills.

SMART Strategies for Choruses and Quartets (CSVP)
5107 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl
Use SMART techniques for building your successful performances. Begin with the end in mind.
Sharing thoughts about values and attitudes in preparation.

Supercharge Your Manifold for High Performance: A-Level Breathing (VP)
3122 – Thursday Session 1
4120 – Friday Session 1
Faculty: Darlene Rogers
Breathing is not just fuel for the voice. We'll check out how many different ways our intake affects the output. 

“Think, McFly! Think” Dealing With The Biffs (CRL)
4220 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: JD Crowe  
A class on conflict management and dealing with difficult members.

Tune Up Your DeLorean (VP)
5108 – Saturday Session 1
Faculty: Betty Clipman
Tips and tools for creating a finely tuned performance.

Unleaded, Regular, High Test or Jet Fuel: How to Sing Dynamics Effectively (VP)
3322 – Thursday Session 3
4323 – Friday Session 3
Faculty: Darlene Rogers
Loud or soft, hot or sweet, ballad or uptune just a few of the colors in our vocal palette. The class will provide some exploration opportunities to help the singer expand choices and produce the varied colors in a healthy way.

Unleash the Power of Vocal Kinesthetics (VP)
5115 – Saturday Session 2
Faculty: Darlene Rogers
Exploring the use of physical movements to enhance and streamline our vocal performance. From the tilt of the head to a full-fledged body wave, your vocal instrument is affected.

Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads! (EA)
4417 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Suzy Lobaugh
Developing a kinesthetic approach to arranging.

You be the Judge: Showmanship Category Overview (AJ)
3222 – Thursday Session 2
Faculty: Renée Porzel
Observe clips of choruses and quartets and use the showmanship category to judge the performance.  Use the category to analyze and assess the visual plan, energy, character and audience rapport needed for a successful performance!

Your Future Self as Tenor! (ML)
4418 – Friday Session 4
Faculty: Joan Boutilier
Through participation, attendees will be introduced to tips, tools and exercises for expanding their understanding of how to sing tenor.

You Know That New Sound You're Looking For?  Well, Listen to This! (TG)
3223 – Thursday Session 2
4222 – Friday Session 2
Faculty: Jen Cooke
This class will focus on a variety of programs and applications that will assist in creating tracks for learning purposes. In-class recording and editing will be demonstrated, and a resource list of programs and learning tools will be provided and discussed. The class will also touch on how to effectively utilize learning tracks to facilitate quick and accurate turnaround time for learning music.

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