Congratulations to the "Bursting With Song!"
Songwriting Contest Grand Prize Winner ... Joe Liles!

Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors, Songwriting Contest Task Force and Songwriting Contest Judging Task Force thank all registrants for sharing your original inspired works, creativity and talent with the “Bursting With Song!” Songwriting Contest.

Watch the Songwriting Contest Awards Ceremony:

Category 1: Contestable Full Arrangements

1st Place Grand Prize Winner:
Joe Liles
"I'll Never Sing a Love Song Anymore"
The GRAND PRIZE winning song will debut at Sweet Adelines' 2019 Convention and Competition in New Orleans!

2nd Place:
Joe Liles
"I Guess I Always Will"

3rd Place:
Paul Engel and Ed Watson
"When You Ring A Chord With Your Newest Friends"

Category 2: Full Arrangements (Regardless of Contestability)

1st Place:
Joe Liles
"Sing the Lovers"

2nd Place:
Glenda Lloyd
"The Little Things"

3rd Place:
June Dale and Erin Howden
"Come On and SING!"

Category 3: Melody and Lyrics Only

1st Place:
Jennifer Palus
"Busy All Day"

2nd Place:
Cheryl Standage and Shelly Johnson
"Come Sit With Me"

3rd Place:
Daphna Rahmil
"Way of The Wind"

Honorable Mention Award Recipients:

Category 1: Contestable Full Arrangements

Steve Delehanty, "Tell Me I'm The One"
Steve Delehanty, "Hey Mr. Sun"
Steve Delehanty, "Watch The Feet"
Lorraine Rochefort, "Sing A Little Song"
Glenda Lloyd, "The Little Things"
Greta Somers, "Broadway Here I Come"

Category 2: Full Arrangements (Regardless of Contestability)

Kay Bromert and Anita Rovere, "Christmas Lights"
Kay Bromert and Carol Boyd Leon, "Happy Hanukkah"
Joey Minshall and Karen Breidert, "A Cappella Means the World to Me"
Sofia Feuer, "Ripples"
Matt Astle, "You Decide"
Cris Conerty, "Because You Were Born"

Category 3: Melody and Lyrics Only

Jenny Rattenbury, "The Moon Keeps Coming Back Again"
Gina Ogden, "My Keepsake"

Songwriting Contest Information Guide:

Includes contest guidelines, rules, regulations, etc.
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