Scooter Rental

If you are unable to comfortably walk several blocks back and forth, we recommend renting a scooter to avoid issues on-site.

Note: Save your feet! Bring comfortable tennis shoes and change into your not-so-comfortable – but fabulous – shoes once your reach your destination. (We won't tell!)

Reserve a scooter or wheelchair and have it delivered and ready for you at check-in!

Please note: Scootaround is currently sold out of mobile scooters in St. Louis. Please see below for other rental options for scooters and powerchairs. 

AAA Home Medical Equiptment - 314-563-4132 or 314-427-9700
Monday - Friday.: 9 am -- 5 pm
Standard Wheelchair: $10/day USD • Heavy duty: $25 USD/day 
Power Chair & Scooter: $150 USD/weekly
(delivery & pickup costs included)

Provider Plus - 314-961-8500 or 1-800-976-9322 toll free
Monday - Friday.: 8 am - 5 pm, Saturday: 8:30 am - noon
Standard Wheelchair & Heavy duty: $40 USD/weekly
Power Chair & Scooter: $125 USD/weekly 


ADA Needs:

If you have a physical disability that requires special room accommodations, please notify the the hotel directly after September 25, 2018.

If you have additional ADA questions, contact the Events Department.

If you are staying at the Hampton Inn, Hyatt Regency at the Arch, or the Drury Plaza at the Arch, general busing will be provided. If you are in need of an ADA vehicle to transport you, please look for the phone number listed in your hotel lobby so ADA vehicles.