What's Your Sweet Adelines Story?

We asked you to share your stories and experiences as a Sweet Adeline. Your stories can make an impact around the world just like these and we know there are thousands more that are yet to be shared!

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Patty Cobb Baker

Watch Patty Cobb Baker, our current International Board of Directors President, share how her life was impacted by and changed for the better by Sweet Adelines International.

"I am the woman I am today primarily through the opportunities provided by Sweet Adelines International. I thought I had found a new hobby that night in 1983 but what I had actually found was a life. And through it, I found me." - Patty Cobb Baker

Erin Cardin

Watch Erin Cardin’s emotional story of how Sweet Adelines helped her through a dark time in her life and how being part of a supportive, community of women inspired her to take her love of music and use it to help others.

“Through it all, the beautiful women of the chorus and all my quartets and Sweet Adelines International as a whole have helped me along my journey to grow into the woman I am today.  And for that…I thank you.  That is what Sweet Adelines means to me.” – Erin Cardin

Lindsay Chartier

Watch Lindsay Chartier talk about the importance of bringing music to young people in the classroom and how it can have the power to bring out the best in us for a lifetime. 

The earlier we can get involved in their lives through the Young Women in Harmony program, the earlier we can get them hooked and show them there’s a place for them on our risers.  And the best part…they can do this for the rest of their lives.  We have a place for them where they can forge lifetime friendships.  A place where they can be who they are and are encouraged to explore the beautiful, talented and creative people they are. A place where they can think outside the box and learn how to be the best version of themselves and in turn, help someone to discover the same.” - Lindsay Cardin

Peggy Gram

Watch Peggy Gram talk about what Sweet Adelines has meant to her over the past 53 years and why each of us, as part of the Sweet Adelines family and knowing the impact it’s had on our own lives, has a responsibility to keep it going.

 “Think about it – the effect it has, the effect it has had, the effect it can have, on so many women’s lives.  That’s why it’s so very important for each of us to think about exactly the effect it’s had on our lives.  It’s time for us to realize that each of us has a responsibility to keep it going.  If not us – who?  If not now – when?” - Peggy Gram

Carina Kendell, Region #32

In the 1980s, myself and 9 other women found a songbook called “Barber tunes” so we could sing in four-part harmony.  Having sung in a traditional mixed chorus, we had never heard of barbershop but after singing for our chorus, we decided to attend a seminar in Stockholm that changed our lives because the guests were Growing Girls and Britt-Helene Bonnedahl!  We were totally blown away. Britt-Helene invited us to Södertälje for a Music School in May, 1981. That weekend was outstanding for us. We sang tags and listened to them with big ears- and loved it!!

In the evening during the After Glow, everybody started to clap their hands and shouted out, ”Väs-ter-ås! Väs-ter-ås! We want to hear Västerås!” It came as a total shock! We? After hearing them??

They didn’t give up so we stood up and walked to the stage – but stopped at the floor… too nervous to enter the stage. We sang ”Roll Along Prairie Moon” and the applause was like a storm!!

We went home and were so filled with energy and love for this barbershop that we drove in the wrong direction when going home!

In September 1981, we started Västerås Sweet Adelines with Birgitta Isberg as the director and me as president. I´m still singing in the Chorus and am president for the fourth time; and also a member of the RMT.

So yes- #IamSweetadelines!


Sheena Kaighin

What makes my story just a little different is that the five choruses I have sung in have been on three different continents – Europe, the USA and now Australia, and I proudly have medals from them all.

My husband’s career took us around the world, but he knows he should only really accept a job in locations where there is a Sweet Adelines chorus! So for the past 20 years, one of the only things constant in my life has been Sweet Adelines. 

I first started in Region 31 with the Aberdeen Chorus in 1999. From there we moved to Alaska in 2008, where I sang in Region 13 with Alaska Sound Celebration and in 2017, I was temporarily living in Perth, Australia where Perth Harmony Chorus welcomed me. Now I am a member of A Cappella West and will be competing with them at International in New Orleans.

I have met so many inspiring, funny, intelligent women during my time as a Sweet Adeline.  All of them have touched me and made me a better singer and a better person.  I cannot imagine how I would have survived the constant change in my life without having the constant joy of standing on the risers each week.


Jane Rosenthal

In 2013 I had the opportunity to compete with TWO choruses at the International Competition with Velvet Hills Show Chorus from Colorado and Christchurch City Chorus from New Zealand.

Velvet Hills Show Chorus was my home chorus, but in 2012, my husband decided that it would be fun to live in another country for a year. He very considerately said he would only apply to cities that had a Sweet Adelines Chorus, knowing it would provide me with a family of sisters while he was at work.  We chose New Zealand and both my director in Colorado and my new Director in New Zealand allowed me to be a part of both choruses.  At international, I gave 100% of my energy and commitment to both choruses– a challenge I felt I could meet and conquer.  In the end, the results are ones I am very proud of.  My “home” chorus, Velvet Hills placed 11th and my “adopted home” chorus, Christchurch City Chorus, secured a 6th place medal! 

I feel incredibly proud and privileged to have been able be a part of both of these choruses and this experience has only reinforced what I already knew about Sweet Adelines International: we are a warm, nurturing organization of women supporting women through song and harmony. And my experience at the 2013 International certainly proved that!

Alison Anderson

As a sweet Adeline in Region 34, of almost (only) 7 years I had the most exciting experience in October when I travelled with Circular Keys Chorus from Sydney to St Louis to sing in Harmony Classic. What a joy that was and who would have thought that this 60 something-year-old would be singing on the international stage. Never having been overseas before with the chorus, the River Blenders Chorus members were perfect hosts welcoming us with open arms, leaving us with many messages of inspiration and encouragement, making sure we were very well fed and loved. Some of their members put their hands up to host any of us who wanted to share their home and my husband and I did just that. Our few days with Ellen (right pic) were very special and I know I have a new friend for life. There was so much in our lives we shared a passion for not the least of which was singing! This hobby has no barriers.










Lauri Weinfeld

There's something amazing, and oh-so Sweet-Adeline-ey going on in a small chorus in Region 17 about a young woman from China who timidly entered the doors of our rehearsal hall two months ago. She is in her mid-thirties, with a beautiful face and smile, and an even more beautiful voice! She is now teaching our chorus to sing a traditional Chinese song, “Jasmine Flower” in her native language arranged by Brian Beck.  She will go back home to China next May with amazing memories of a great Sweet Adelines experience abroad.  Who would have thought that a visitor from China would suddenly become loved and embraced by a small Midwestern U.S. chorus!  What a great way to empower women in China. It begins with just one person, one spark, and the help of Sweet Adelines.