Global Open House

Now is the time to start proactively recruiting new members!

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Global Open House

Choruses holding an open house can utilize resources to create an event for prospective members in a virtual (or in-person) rehearsal environment.

With the help of the Chorus Growth Incentive Task Force, in 2020 we launched the Virtual Global Open House education and resources to rally a worldwide effort to recruit new members. Begin by watching the webinars, then view correlating PowerPoint Presentations, download the Social Media Graphics and Logos. It's all here! (Global Open House materials are published below the Virtual materials.)

Videos & Webinars

Watch informational webinars and download correlating PowerPoint Presentations for your upcoming Virtual Global Open House.

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Please note, there was an issue during the webinar and the beginning of the video was deleted. The Zoom meeting will be rescheduled and the final will be published once available.

Social Media Graphics

New members are just waiting to be invited to your chorus's virtual open house! Share our Virtual Global Open House images across your Chorus Social Media Channels to boost awareness and attendance on a global scale.


Help unify the Virtual Global Open House initiative by including the logo along with your chorus or region logo in your marketing materials.

Global Open House Materials
Questions and Feedback

For questions about the Global Open House or to share your success stories, please contact our Membership Department at