• Database Now Available

    Our new membership database is coming along and we appreciate all of the positive feedback. With thousands of Sweet Adelines, dual members, at-large members, quartets, choruses, music, etc., our database, as you can imagine, is quite complex. We will be posting daily updates so that you are aware of the latest status.

    Members should have received an email with a sign on token. This is the only way to access the system for your initial login. If you have issues, please send an email to member@sweetadelines.com.

    If you do not receive your sign on token by Monday, June 18, email member@sweetadelines.com for assistance. Please remember to check your junk and spam folders in case it accidentally lands there.

    Chorus rosters: We are aware that every member that was ever part of your chorus is on your roster. The developer has identified the issue and it should be corrected any time now.

    Dual members: We apologize that your sub chapters did not populate. The developer is aware that this is a priority and we expect the issue to be corrected on Monday.

    Paying Member Dues: Occasionally, member invoices from your roster are combining and one member may not appear. We believe the problem has been corrected but if you notice this, please email member@sweetadelines.com and we will get it corrected.

    International Sales: Some of the pricing did not come over accurately and we have taken the pages down to ensure our members are not charged incorrectly. This includes music. We hope to be back up and running on Monday.

    Chapter and Regional Portals: These are a work in progress and we think you will be pleased with the end result. This should be completed within two weeks. If you need a report, please email member@sweetadelines.com with the details and we will get it to you as soon as possible.

    To view instructions for some of the more popular database functions, please visit Resources/Membership Database Instructions.

    Please continue to explore the website and share any issues with us at member@sweetadelines.com. Sweet Adelines is such a unique organization and there was no database that would fit us without some high customization. Our database company is working diligently to meet our needs and our database will only improve over the weeks and months. We thank everyone for their patience, kindness and encouraging words as we have migrated almost 75 years of data to a new database. 

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