Why join? When you join Sweet Adelines International, you have the joy of singing with your sisters on the risers every week. Take a break from reality and experience the magic of barbershop harmony!

You will not regret it.

From 1945, Sweet Adelines International has been a heart-and-life saver of women around the world. Why? Because when you find something you love to do — singing music — and then you find women who love to do it as much as you while supporting each other through the thick and thin, then becoming a Sweet Adeline is no longer a choice … it’s a no-brainer.

Education, Music and Community

Sweet Adelines International offers you a world-class education amid a worldwide sisterhood. With nearly 23,000 members extending over five continents, you will be in good company as you join an organization of 500 choruses and 1,200 quartets brimming with passionate, musical women.

Not to mention, the amazing health benefits of singing and the joy and happiness that comes from being a member of a Sweet Adelines chorus!

Hear what our members have to say about why they joined and love Sweet Adelines International:

“It is so wonderful to meet with the most loving and caring women each week and learn new songs. I love my chorus, and I'm learning so much. Sweet Adelines has brought so much joy into my life.”  - Teri Hutchison, OC Sound Chorus, Region #21

“I have never felt more welcome in a group of people. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with such sincerity. Everyone is there for the love of singing, and they embrace all those who want to share in that joy.”
- Sandy Gunn, Christchurch City Chorus, Region #35

“I love Sweet Adelines because it simply just makes me happy. I am constantly challenged to achieve musical excellence with a group of women with the same goal. We create great music together. Sweet Adelines also creates a space for women for themselves. Sweet Adelines takes me away from the responsibilities of family and work, to a place where I can be myself.”
- Jennifer Gold, Ontario Heartland Chorus, Region #16.

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Discover why women around the world are singing the praises of Sweet Adelines International.