The Director Certification Program (DCP) is an educational program designed to provide additional training and further develop skills for Sweet Adelines International directors, potential directors and musical leaders. The program provides opportunities to validate the skills and knowledge required to direct a Sweet Adelines chorus. The DCP should not be viewed as the only source of training for directors, but rather should be seen as one component of each region's director development program.

Advancement within the program is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of specified requirements for each level.

Advancement is also based on your proficiency in the following skills:




Organizational Knowledge & Director

Analytical Listening


Judging Categories & Competition


Vocal Production


Music Theory


Rehearsal Planning & Implementation


DCP Application
DCP Steps for Advancements

Additional resources are available from international sales (DCP Resource Modules, Arranger's Guide, and Judging Category Description Book) and are also found in the Education Center.

If you have any questions regarding the program, contact Education Department.