Message from Past International President Cammi MacKinlay

The International Board of Directors took a close look at our competition structure, our regional governance and our regional boundaries. In June 2010, we appointed two task forces to do exhaustive research (with the help of our staff) and in June 2011, we made decisions for change based on the best interests of the future of Sweet Adelines International.

As an organization, we must move with the times and deal with the financial constraints that are upon us all. Our first and foremost aim is, and always will be, education – we are striving to make it easier for everyone to access it, no matter where you live. While it is true that we have greatly expanded our on-line Education Centre, and will continue to do so, we know that there is nothing like the synergy of getting together with your fellow sisters in harmony and making beautiful music together, whether in competition or at educational events, no matter which region you are in.

On Monday, Oct. 17, 2011 in Houston, Texas, at the Regional Management Team Forums, your RMTs were the first members to hear what those changes will be.

At the Forums, the members of the Regional Management Teams in attendance were given presentations by our two Task Force Chairs: Carole Kirkpatrick of the Competition Task Force, and Kathy Carmody of the Regional Boundary/Governance Task Force. You too can hear the recordings of these presentations below. You will be able to read and digest the PowerPoint slides that were presented, though they will not be synched with the recordings. Just click on the next page as you listen. I strongly encourage you to listen to the presentations and to study the rationale behind the decisions. Then you will hear exactly what the RMTs heard. (Both the recordings and the slides will be archived on this page so you can go back again and again.) The changes to competition and to some regions are extensive. You are going to want to really pay attention to what is being presented.

Together we will shape the future of Sweet Adelines International!

Download a list of counties in U.S. Regions. Search for your county in the search field. The geographic areas represented on this list went into effect on May 1, 2013.

Video: RMT Session I: Competition
Introduced by Paula Davis
Presented by Carole Kirkpatrick

Slides from RMT Session I: Competition (saved as a .pdf)

Video: RMT Session II: Regional Boundaries
Presented by Kathy Carmody

Slides from RMT Session II: Regional Boundaries (saved as a .pdf file)

Harmonic Progression article from the October 2011 issue of The Pitch Pipe

Harmonic Progression Fact Sheet for Regional Management Teams

2014 Competition Changes (from the October 2012 issue of The Pitch Pipe)

Final Accounting for Regions - February 20, 2013

Regional Dues Assessment Information (from the August 2012 Pipe Line Newsletter)