Meet the Co-Chairs: Mary Rhea and Kim Vaughn


Mary Rhea is the director of the O.K. City Chorus, Region #25. She has been a Sweet Adeline since 1986. Mary is a Certified Sound Judge, Master Director, International Faculty member, Education Direction Committee (EDC) and member of the IBOD. She sings baritone in the 2010 International Champion Quartet, Zing! In her spare time, she worked as a physical therapist, primarily with the geriatric population. 




Kim is a Certified Sound Judge; a member of the Education Direction Committee; an International Faculty Coordinator; and Master Director 700 of 2001 International Champion San Diego Chorus. She is the first three-time international champion quartet member, having won with High Society (1976), Savvy (1988) and a cappella Gold (2001). A Sweet Adeline since 1974, she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014.


Meet the Faculty:


Britt-Heléne is a founder and director of the 2017 International Champion Rönninge Show Chorus, Region #32, which she has directed since 1983. She is also a Regional and International Faculty member and two-time Champion Director and Master Director 700, focusing on coaching and teaching vocal, communication and mental skills.



Kathleen Hansen is the director of the San Diego Chorus, Region #21. She has been a Sweet Adeline since 2000, and is also a Master Director and International Faculty member. She has a background in Music Education with students of all ages and a Master’s Degree in Conducting. She was a member of the 2001 International Champion Chorus, and won while doing handsprings across the stage.




Erin Howden is the Master Director 700 and choreographer for 5-time International Champion North Metro Chorus. She began her career with North Metro Chorus in 1981 singing under her mother, June Dale, as well as singing baritone in the top 10 quartet, Daybreak. She is an International Faculty member as well as a professional trainer, motivational speaker and performance coach. She has an Honours Degree in Business and Certificates in Training, Organizational Development, Behaviour and Psychology. Erin currently has her own coaching/training/consulting business, “A Step Ahead”. 



Deanna joined Sweet Adelines in 2000. Deanna is a Master Director and International Faculty member. Deanna is the Baritone of 2015 International Champion Quartet, Bling! She is also the Co-Director of Spirit of the Gulf Chorus in Region #9. Deanna is an Elementary Music Teacher and has a Bachelors and Masters in Music Education.




Lori Lyford has directed the Scottsdale Chorus since 1993. As director, Scottsdale won the 2006, 2011 and 2016 international champion title. She has sung lead in regional champion or wildcard quartets five times, placing as high as ninth in international competition. She teaches choir at Chandler High School in Chandler, Ariz. Her barbershop chorus, The Treblemakers, won the 2014, 2016 and 2017 YWIH Video Chorus Contest. Lori has been honored as one of “Arizona’s Top Five Educators of The Year” for 2017.


Judy sings bass with the 2017 International Champion Quartet and Most Entertaining Quartet Award recipient, Frenzy. Judy is a Certified Director and Showmanship Judge, as well as a vocal/visual performance coach and choreographer. She is a member of a cappella Joy Chorus, Region #13 and a Region #26 Chapter-at-Large member.




Master Director of Texas Harmony Chorus, Region #10, Darlene is a certified member of the International Faculty Program; a Regional Faculty member; and part of the Region #10 and Region #25 Education Steering Committee. A Sweet Adeline since 1968, she is a partner in "Sing, Baby, Sing!", a vocal production series created with Dale Syverson and Peggy Gram.




Meet the Guest Faculty:


Originally from the UK, Jennie began her career as a Ballet dancer, before becoming a West End musical theatre performer, and then lead singer with a top UK Big Band. She is now an Osteopath specializing in the treatment of performing artists, providing health support for physical and psychological issues. She also works as a Performance Coach for singers and actors, focusing on anatomical efficiency, embodiment of artistry, movement education, and rehabilitation from vocal injury. Based in Los Angeles, California, she is the Wellness Professor at The Colburn School, adjunct faculty in the College of Performing Arts at Chapman University, is on the Board of Directors for both the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA) and the Dance Resource Center (LA), and is on the Health and Wellness Committee for the International Society for Music Education. She is an Honorary Lecturer for the MSc in Performing Arts Medicine at University College, London, for which she co-wrote the syllabus, and she provides training workshops for medical and health professionals in the treatment of performing artists. Jennie lectures internationally to artists, arts educators, and healthcare professionals on the subject of performance-related injuries, and provides treatment from her office in West Hollywood. She is the author of three books: "The Authentic Performer: Wearing A Mask And The Effect On Health"; "The Embodied Dancer: A Guide To Optimal Performance"; and "Dancing Longer, Dancing Stronger". Jennie is the founder of