We invite you to sing one tag with us, you will be hooked!

To sing in a quartet is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Four women, four voices, four parts come together, to create a beautiful sound. Sweet Adelines' quartets perform in communities and events all over the world, providing the opportunity for women to experience the art of barbershop a cappella.

New Quartet Registration

Quartet Name

  • Quartet name search
  • International Quartet Champions (names unavailable)
  • To find out if a quartet name is available, please enter a name in the search field and click the search button. The fewer characters you enter, the quicker the search.
  • Once you click on the search button, the system will find all names that match or are similar to the one you have chosen in spelling and sound. Please note some quartet names are protected for various periods, depending on their placement at regional or international competition. (If a name is protected, it cannot be used until the release date.)
  • If your search reveals there is not a similar name, please email quartet@sweetadelines.com to confirm your name is available. 

Quartet Registration/Renewal and Fees

  • Quartet registration/renewal begins May 1. All quartets are subject to the same renewal deadline ending the fiscal year in which the registration takes place. The renewal/registration fee is $100 through Jan. 15, after which a $60 processing fee applies. Please note: Due to regional competition season, quartets are not accepted/processed during the month of April.

Quartet Renewal

  • Quartet renewal instructions (only available May 1 - July 31)
  • Quartet Renewal form
  • All quartets expire April 30 of each year. Renewal notices are emailed in mid-April to the quartet’s primary contact on file. Quartets may renew online May 1 – July 31. Your quartet must renew by July 31 to avoid cancellation/expiration. Once expired, your quartet is unable to renew online, and your quartet’s name becomes available to other registrants. If your quartet has expired, contact quartet@sweetadelines.com to renew your quartet.

  • May 1:

    Quartet registration & Renewal opens

    May 1 – January 15:

    Quartet registration fee is $100 (U.S.)

    January 16 – March 31:

    Quartet registration fee is $100 + $60 processing fee= $160 (U.S.)

    45-days before Regional Competition:

    Quartets planning to compete in regional competition must be registered with the organization by at least 45 days prior to your contest date.


    No quartet registrations processed. Renewal notices emailed out mid-month.

    April 30:

    All quartets registrations expire

    July 31:

    Last day for quartets to renew

    August 1:

    Quartet expiration, if not renewed during the renewal period (May 1- July 31).



How do I register my quartet?

We're so excited to hear you are forming a quartet!  First, you will want to check if your name is available.  You can do that by using the website search engine, linked here.

 Or you can email me your choices and I can check them.

 You can register one of two ways.

  1. You can register your quartet by using the online registration link, located on our website, linked here.
  2. You can print the Quartet Registration form located in our "Document Center" on our website here. Just fill it out and either scan and email to Quartet@sweetadelines.com, or fax it to me 918.388.8083.

 The cost to register your quartet is $100 (U.S.).

How do I renew my expired quartet?

First, you will want to check if your name is still available.  You can do that by using the website search engine, linked here.

Because your quartet has an established record, all we will need is payment information in order to renew your quartet.  Locate the linked Quartet Renewal form above. Simply fill out the payment info, make any personnel changes if needed and send it back to Quartet@sweetadelines.com.  Or you may contact Emily Mock, Quartet Registrar, by phone 918-388-8021 to convey that information.

How do I make a personnel change?

To make a personnel change you will need to fill out the Quartet Personnel Change form linked here.  Once completed, please send it back to Quartet@sweetadelines.com by scan & email or fax 918.388.8083.   Or you can simply email Quartet@sweetadelines.com your request in writing and you will receive a confirmation email when it has been processed. We ask for the request in writing in order to follow the evolution of the quartet for our records.

What does it mean when there is a “hold” on a name?

When a “hold” has been placed on a name, it is for purposes of making the name unavailable beyond it being in use by an active quartet.  Holds are placed on quartet names when a quartet places in a regional or international competition. The holding of a name extends for various amounts of time based on the degree of placement. For example, when a quartet becomes the International Quartet Champion, their name becomes permanently on hold whether the quartet is active or not.

What is the explanation of the January 15th deadline?

The quartet registration fee between January 16 – March 30 will have an additional $60 processing fee that is in addition to the $100 registration fee.  It is a one time additional fee for those unregistered quartets that register from Jan. 16 – March 29th.  The rest of the year the quartet fee is $100 only.  We recommend members that are interested in registering their quartet, to do so by January 15. 

Quartet name approval process:

When checking names for availability, we consider many things:

  • Is there already a chorus or quartet with the same spelled name?
  • Is there already a chorus or quartet with the same sounding name?
  • Is the name a difference of adding "the" to it, or pluralizing it by adding an "s"?

We are concerned with not only how a name is spelled but also how it sounds, because, were two quartets, with similar names, to compete in the same competition and be announced, they might be confused.

Being a member in more than one quartet:

You are allowed to belong to as many registered quartets as you have time for, and members may compete in up to two different quartets during the same regional contest, as long as they are in different competition divisions (e.g., one quartet in the International Division and on the Open Division). No more than two members per quartet may compete in the second quartet in the same regional contest.

What if my quartet expires before my regional competition date?

Concerning the expiration date of quartets coming up before your regional competition date, as long as your quartet is in good standing by the end of the fiscal year, April 30th, you will not be disqualified from competition because of the annual quartet expiration.  We consider regional competition apart of the previous fiscal year (May 2017 – April 2018), because it begins in that time period.  Does that make sense? 

 So you can pay your quartet’s renewal before your competition, but if you don’t you will not be penalized. Just make sure that you renew before July 31st, so you won’t be cancelled.

Why do all quartets have “Quartet” after their name?

All quartets have the word “quartet” inserted after their name for filing purposes at headquarters.  This is a distinct way to tell them from choruses in our database.  However, most quartets leave off the “quartet” when being introduced or performing. 

Queen’s names protection:

Once a quartet becomes the international quartet champion, one of the benefits of winning this honor is that your name is retired or protected forever. This rule applies even if the quartet is no longer active.