There’s something that happens when you find thousands of eyes and ears tuned to you on stage — you push yourself to be your best.

Over the years, Sweet Adelines have performed like never before … watch and see! Footage of the last several international conventions shows you the musical passion you can only experience by watching. Prepare to be emotionally moved! 

International Competition and Convention Playlists:

2017 Las Vegas International Convention:
The Third Time's The Charm! We're back in Vegas for Sweet Adelines International's 71st Annual International Competition & Convention. Click here to view.


2016 Las Vegas International Convention:
Back in Vegas for Sweet Adelines International's 70th Annual International Competition & Convention.
Click here to watch all performances on the International Stage!


2015 Las Vegas International Convention:
Music met rivalry as choruses and quartets barbershop battled it out at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.Click here to view the top singers of each division.

2014 Baltimore International Convention:
Members and nonmembers flocked to Baltimore to watch the competition of champions.
Talent was everywhere! Click here to view.

2013 Honolulu International Convention:
Harmony in Honolulu … not a bad combination!
Click here to watch the choruses and quartets who won the rights to their medals and crowns.

2012 Denver International Convention:
Thousands of people came to the Denver Pepsi Center to experience this competitive vocal contest.
Click here to hear these incredible winners!

Click here to watch additional competition videos on our YouTube Channel!