Louisville 2023

Registration now open!

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Louisville 2023
Louisville Registration Now Open!

Purchase your All-Event Pass for International Convention in Louisville, KY. USA!
Your All-Event Pass covers admission to all education classes and competition events.

Members must be logged in to register online.

Individual Registrations

Sweet Adelines Members can register online OR download the registration form and
send via mail or fax.

Non-members must download and send the registration form via mail or fax.
Non-members cannot register online.

Your mailed registration form must include your full payment (via credit card or check) AND the
EVENT RELEASE OF CLAIMS section must be signed. Incomplete registration forms
will not be processed.

Group Registrations

Groups belonging to the same chorus may register online OR download the registration form and send via mail or fax.

Groups with non-Sweet Adelines members and/or members from different Sweet Adelines choruses can register by mail or fax ONLY.

A group registration must include:

  1. Registration Form* including the required signature for each individual on section 5 of the form. (This is the EVENT RELEASE OF CLAIMS for groups of less than 10.)
  2. Full payment for the entire group.

*Groups of 10 or more do not need to complete section 5 of the Registration Form. Instead, they must include the Member Group Registration Spreadsheet AND/OR the Non-Member Group Registration Spreadsheet (the spreadsheet serves as the EVENT RELEASE OF CLAIMS. Each person in your group — including the primary contact — must sign by their name.)

Group Registration Examples

Here's two common group registrations and what your primary contact needs to do!

Group Registration for members of the same chorus AND non-members

Susie is the primary contact for Gold Star Chorus.

Susie is registering 36 members of Gold Star Chorus. Susie completes the Registration Form and attaches the Member Group Registration Spreadsheet.

Additionally, Gold Star Chorus has 12 family and friends that would also like to register.

Because these 12 people are not members of Sweet Adelines, Susie must list each individual on the Non-Member Group Spreadsheet.

Their non-member registrations will be grouped and charged together in a separate transaction from the Member Group spreadsheet for the Gold Star Chorus.

Group Registration of less than 10

Annie and 8 friends need to register. Annie is the group’s primary contact.

They have grouped their funds and Annie will register the group together, she will also pick up their all-event passes at Will Call. 

Annie must download, print and complete the Registration Form. She will list all of her friends on section 5 of the form and obtain the required signature for each individual. 

Since the group has less than 10, Annie does not need to attach either of the “group” spreadsheets. 

Since Annie’s group has fewer than 10 people, our system requires us to charge her credit card for each individual registration.

All-Event Pass

All-Event Passes will be held on-site at Will Call for individual registrations and for the primary contact of group registrations.

Single-Event Pass

Single-Event Passes will only be available for purchase on-site.


If you have questions or need assistance completing the registration form or the group spreadsheets, email events@sweetadelines.com.