The International Board of Directors functions as the governing and decision-making body of the organization. The Board elects the officers of the corporation. The International Board of Directors has authority to do all things necessary to fulfill the purpose of the organization, including strategic planning, the levying of fees and the execution of contracts. Board members work with the international headquarters staff to monitor and administer the organization’s programs.

2018 Election of International Board of Directors

The election to select members to serve on the International Board of Directors concluded Wednesday, November 28, 2018, and following the election, the International Board of Directors appointed two additional members to the International Board of Directors. The following members will begin their term on May 1, 2019, and will serve along with the continuing members of the Board:

Elected to a three-year term beginning May 1, 2019

Joan Boutilier, River City Sound Chorus, Region 3

Patty Cobb Baker, Harborlites Chorus, Region 21

Jeanne d’Arc (JD) Crowe, Canadian Showtime Chorus, Region 16

Jennifer Harris, Harbor City Music Company and Arundelair Choruses, Region 19


Appointed to a one-year term beginning May 1, 2019

Thérèse Antonini, North Metro Chorus, Region 16

Leslie Galbreath, Skyline Chorus, Region 8

Participation in the 2018 election stood at 93.7 percent, lower than the 95.8 percent participation recorded in the 2017 election. This year, nine regions achieved 100 percent chapter vote participation: Border Lakes Region 2; Spirit of the Midwest Region 5; Great Gulf Coast Region 10; Sequoia Pacifica Region 11; North by Northwest Region 13; Heart of the Blue Ridge Region 14; Greater NY/NJ Region 15; Southern Cross Region 34; and New Zealand Region 35.

The Corporate Services department serves as the official staff liaisons to the International Board. If you would like to send a message to the International President or a member of the International Board, please contact this department at