Press Room

An international organization of 21,000 members with incredibly talented women is bound to turn heads … and we certainly have! Sweet Adelines members are frequently featured in the news and have performed in many popular venues including professional sports stadiums, Olympic ceremonies, national television shows and alongside major symphonies.

Organizational History

Founded in Tulsa, Okla., in 1945, Sweet Adelines International is a nonprofit musical education association for women. The organization empowers 21,000 members around the world to grow musically, socially and individually as they perfect the art of a cappella, four-part harmony. Performances and competitions allow members to grow in their confidence on and off stage, and for decades the organization has proudly perpetuated barbershop music — one of a few forms of music native to the United States.

Community Changers

A Sweet Adelines chorus is a musical asset to its community. With more than 500 Sweet Adelines chapters located throughout the U.S. and 14 other nations, Sweet Adelines are not the only ones being changed by this organization — their communities are as well. Choruses regularly entertain at charitable functions and civic events, and they often share performance proceeds with scholarship funds, social services programs, and arts and humanities outreaches.

Sweet Adelines promotes friendship and a sense of belonging among women of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds, making it one of the most welcoming and empowering organizations to be found.

Growing Leaders

As the organization has expanded, it has remained committed to recognizing talent within its membership. Leaders are born from local chapters, women who are trained as music leaders, teachers, contest judges, arrangers and administrators. These opportunities for growth are available to all who take advantage of them.