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Healthiestyou, IDShield and LegalShield


Whenever you have questions or are simply not feeling well, effortlessly connect to a 24/7 telehealth hotline for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, second opinions and consultations. Board-certified, licensed physicians in every state are waiting to provide exceptional care. They can even prescribe medication and save a trip to the doctor's office, whether members are at home or on the road. Your healthcare just got a while lot easier!

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LegalShield has been providing legal service plans for over 40 years. With your individual or family legal plan, you can contact your law firm for personal legal advice or assistance, even 24/7 for covered emergencies. No legal issue is too big or too small. Customers can access legal counsel and advice from qualified lawyers simply by calling a toll-free number. Many other benefits are included, but even at the most basic level our plans allow you to have peace of mind.

Your shield of protection! IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore your identity. IDShield monitors your identity from every angle, not just your Social Security number, credit cards and bank accounts. IDShield watches over everything connected to you, including your passport, email, phone numbers, driver's license number, medical IDs, social media accounts, and more. IDShield provides you with a complete picture of identity theft, walks you through all the steps you can take to protect yourself and answer any questions.

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