Region #16

Join us for “Harmony Has No Borders” as we adventure across Region #16 Lake Ontario on Travel in Tune!

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Travel in Tune... To Region #16
Travel in Tune... To Region #16

Are you ready to unpack the power of perspective, intention and human spirit? Join us for an impactful journey including — but not limited to — meeting the region’s choruses and quartets, an insightful conversation with two IBOD members Thérèse Antonini and JD Crowe, and a powerful motivational class “a million dreams” with 5-time international gold medal chorus director, Erin Howden.

Sneak Peek

“I promise that you will be inspired.” In this “sneak peek” video, Education Coordinator Susann McKinley sets the stage for an impactful journey across Region #16 Lake Ontario:

Special Performance

Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #16 Lake Ontario, with a performance of the 2019 Regional Champions S.L.A.M.! Quartet and North Metro Chorus:


“I love the sharing and collaborative spirit of our region.” We have arrived in Region #16 Lake Ontario! Hear from leaders, directors, IBOD members Thérèse Antonini and JD Crowe and outstanding members that make up the fun, spirited, Region #16 Family. Find out about the region’s choruses, quartets, core values and see what’s going on in their neck of the woods in their “welcome” video:

Education Showcase

“It is not where we are but who we have beside us that matters.” Erin Howden, master 700 director and choreographer of North Metro Chorus shares a powerful, motivational class during this education showcase. You’ll see the light and reason we need to keep going! All things are impossible until you choose to make them possible. So sit back, relax, and join Region #16 for “a million dreams” on...Travel in Tune!

Find a Chorus

Region #16 Lake Ontario is made up of choruses in Ontario, Canada and Western New York, USA. You’re invited to attend a virtual rehearsal to see what they’re all about!

Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!
Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!

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