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Sweet Adelines International is a worldwide organization committed to "elevating women singers worldwide through education, performance, and competition in barbershop harmony and a cappella music."

Whether you are searching for the friendship found in quartet singing, the community of being part of a chorus, or both, we have a place for you.

Come for the singing.

We sing a cappella music in four-part barbershop style. When four voice parts simultaneously execute on time and on pitch, the chord will produce a “fifth note” called an overtone. Hearing an overtone “ring” is a special kind of magic — once you hear the ring you'll know what we mean!

Stay for the friendships.

The statement we hear over and over again is, "I wish I would have found Sweet Adelines sooner!" Well my friend, the time is now! Why should you join? The benefits extend beyond your chorus community. Here's what else you'll receive as a member of Sweet Adelines International.

How do I become a member of Sweet Adelines?

Complete this short form to receive our membership introductory e-kit. Our Membership Department will reach out to you with more information!

What types of membership options are available?

Take a look at our member classifications to choose the best option for you. Still have questions? Contact

How do I join a chorus?

Use the “Find a Chorus” search wizard to find a chorus near you! Contact them to make sure rehearsal date and time is accurate, then plan your visit!

No chorus in your area? No problem! A Chapter-at-Large or Member-at-Large membership might be for you. Contact to get started.

If you're interested in starting a chorus in your area, here's how!

How do I join a quartet?

Find three other singers and check out our Quartetting Page to learn more.

Sweet Adelines Are Everywhere!

Take a look at the map below! There's hundreds of Sweet Adelines choruses ranging in size and activities.

The best way to find your chorus is to visit a weekly rehearsal.

Use our "Find a Chorus" search wizard to search by zip code. You'll see chorus rehearsal time, website, and contact information.
Call or send the chorus an email to let them know you're coming to visit. They can't wait to hear from you!

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As a Sweet Adeline, you will have support and community extending from New York to New Zealand — Sweet Adelines are everywhere!

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