Our programs to support include: Education Fund, Scholarship Fund, The Young Singers Fund and The Greatest Need Fund.

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Programs To Support Life on a High Note

The focused areas of giving align with Sweet Adelines International’s Strategic Plan. You can support a specific program or initiative by choosing to direct your gift to one of the funding areas listed below.

Education Fund

Gifts to the education fund support initiatives to increase and expand educational opportunities for our members including the implementation of a new Online Learning Platform, and much more!


Young Singers Fund

Gifts to this fund support youth outreach, music festivals, camps, and educational programs for young singers under 25 that benefit the next generation of Sweet Adelines while bringing depth and ensuring the future of our organization.

Young Singers

Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the scholarship fund provide opportunities for our members to participate in advanced training to develop skills as chorus directors, arrangers, judges, and international faculty and support scholarship opportunities for college students majoring in music education, vocal pedagogy, or music composition.


Greatest Need Fund

A gift to the Greatest Need Fund provides Sweet Adelines with flexible funds that can be used to support new projects, programs, and member services that are a current priority for the organization.


Donor Impact
Appreciation From Marcia Pinvidic, Education Direction Committee Chair

“You should never underestimate what a Sweet Adeline member is capable of doing for the love of singing and performing a cappella music,” says Marcia Pinvidic, Chair of the Education Direction Committee. Find out how Sweet Adelines donors are investing in education to ensure that our organization’s tradition of Musical Excellence continues.

2022 and 2024 Bev Sellers Scholarship Recipient, Nicole Gray

In 2022, Bev Sellers Scholarship recipient Nicole Gray (formerly Nicole Wilson) said, “If I could say one thing to the donors of this organization, it would be thank you so much for investing in Sweet Adelines, and I cannot wait to see what Sweet Adelines does for young singers all around the world.”


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Call Sweet Adelines International Headquarters to place your donation: 1-918-622-1444 or Toll Free at 1-800-992-7464

Email for assistance in placing your donation. We are happy to help!