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In Honor Of Program
It's Time To Celebrate Our Honorees!

 On International Women’s Day, March 8, Sweet Adelines International launched the “In Honor Of” Program.
Supporters were invited to make a gift to honor a Sweet Adeline who has positively impacted their lives. Generous donors stepped up to recognize role models, mentors, directors, singers, and friends by contributing to the organization that brings them together in song.

We express our sincerest gratitude to those who participated in this special recognition program!

Our Honorees and Your Dedications

As part of the In Honor Of Program, donors were invited to submit a dedication on behalf of their Honorees.
What we have received is truly remarkable—we invite you to read the heartfelt tributes below!

2024 In Honor Of Program List

In Honor Of...

In Honor and Memory of my grandmother, “Gran” who was a 49-year Member of Region 3, Choral-Aires Chorus! Until we meet and sing together again, Your “Miracle Granddaughter”

Ivy has always stood beside me and made me feel welcomed. No matter how tough life was to her, she was always there for me and anyone else in the Georgia Sensation Chorus! Thank you Ivy! I love you much!

Dear Pam, I want to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for your remarkable passion, unwavering dedication, and outstanding leadership of the Harborlites Chorus. Your love for music and for our chorus shines through in all that you do.

I joined Carousel Harmony Chorus in Vestal, NY after watching the Buckeye contest where Randy Chisolm was honored, and several women's quartets sang. Marcia's bubbly personality and directing style was just perfect for me as a new singer.

Nancy, Over the years, you have given me the gift of your friendship, inspiration, thoughtfulness, creativity, trust, sharing, laughter, dreaming, music, listening and hearing, and love.

You are the epitome of what Sweet Adelines is all about. Everyone should have your heart and spirit and for this I honor you.  I also have tears streaming down my face and can barely type.

Vickie, Here's to your 50 years of excellence and dedication to Sweet Adelines and Skyline Chorus. It's an honor and joy to sing with you. Cheers!!

Since my first year in barbershop, 1990, Malin Palmqvist, tenor in Growing Girls, has been my idol and tenor role model. There is no voice like hers!

Susan excels as a mentor, friend, and bonus mom. Her commitment exceeds expectations in all endeavors, driven by a passion for her chorus and community. As she marks her 45th anniversary, I'm blessed to be on this harmonious journey with her.

Mom, you joined SAI in 1958! Growing up, you were always my hero! Thank you for sharing the spotlight with me when I joined with you in 1990! Our quartet of 10 yrs Reminisce & Founding members of Millennium Magic it all started at our pool house! ❤️

Congratulations on 50 years in SAI and 40 years directing Skyline!

Sally, thank you so much for all you put into our chorus.  We are blessed to have you.

Thank you Jan for all your generosity, all your knowledge, and all your support throughout the years with my process of arranging directing and teaching.  I would be a much different musical person without you.

Thank you for your encouragement and support! You set me on a path that changed my life and I am so grateful. Thank you, Chris! 🎶❤

You're an amazing member of Bayou Blend Chorus. You have been Treasurer, Section Leader, Team Member, Lead, Bass...just to name a few.. You're Region 10's Chapter Coordinator & you're in charge of the Heavenly Chorus & the Golden Court 50+ Years.

Thank you Leah for all of your support throughout my years with a San Diego Chorus. You have been a blessing and a gift and always give positive feedback. I appreciate the work that you do and the support that you give to the San Diego Chorus.

In honor of my dear friend and mentor in SA for the past 30 years. She taught me everything I know about servant, compassionate leadership. Mary is an un-sung hero of our organization and loved by all of Region 17 and beyond. Love you Mary!

Thank you for all you have done over the years!

You inspire me to continue on making harmony in many ways! Thanks for continually inviting me to chorus!

Spirit of the Gulf honors Jan Meyer and Sheryl Neal for sharing their amazing musical talent in writing and arranging of chorus music. Nobody does it better than these two special chorus members. Thank you! We love you!

I met Geraldine at a guest nite in 1976 and when she sang I fell in love with her voice! Over the years she’s been my section leader, director, voice & quartet coach, best friend and MUCH more. So much of my love for SA is because of her!!

In Honor of Region 8 Quartets, Cabaret Quartet would like to offer this donation to the Young Singers Fund.

Patty. A donation has been made to Sweet Adelines Young Singers Fund in honor of your 60 years as a Sweet Adeline Member. We are proud of you!

Care, A donation has been made in honor of your 60 year membership to Young Singers Fund. We are proud of your lifetime membership with Sweet Adelines International.

In honor of Vickie’s decades of dedication to Sweet Adelines and Skyline Chorus! Congratulations on 40 years of directing Skyline Chorus and 50 years in Sweet Adelines. You are the best!!! Thank you for your passion & dedication to Sweet Adelines & Skyline Chorus!

Thank you Tori for being my mentor and dear friend! You encouraged and empowered me! Love you!

To the best barbershop educator we know. We never stop learning from you.

Master Director, Diane Catellane, has many hats. She’s truly more than one person who stands before us she is our rock, our sister, mother figure, confidant, our glue!  We appreciate you Diane, for all that you are, and all that you give we love you!

2024 marks 40 years that Vickie has been directing Skyline and her 50th year as a Sweet Adeline.Thank you so much, Vickie! You are such a light to Skyline, Sweet Adelines, and this world. Love you tons!

We love you Emma.

Karen is the most wonderful member of Lace City Chorus. A friend to everyone, always cheerful, always supportive. She is an inspiration to everyone.

Congratulations to an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing your talents to this organization. Love you my friend❤️

With deepest gratitude for her wonderful director coaching.

To our director of Skyline chorus, who makes our barbershop experience the best it can be! Thank you Vickie! Thank you for being such a caring and creative director. You always include everyone. You also make it fun along the way with good discipline. It's an honour to be in Skyline and receive the benefits of the education. You are a very special lady! To an incredible musician, director, mentor, and friend. My life is much the richer with you in it! Thank you for your unending passion and dedication, Vickie!

Ashton, thank you for the dedication, creativity and pure JOY you give our chorus. We love you and we are so proud to be the Front Row of the best choreographer and visual leader in SAI!!

Jen, we can't thank you enough for the dedication, time and heart you give our chorus—and especially our section! We love you and we are so proud you're OUR section trainer! With our deepest gratitude and admiration, the Rich-Tone Bass Section

Sharing Vickie's educator heart with the next generation of musical leadership. To celebrate your incredible 50 years in SAI and 40 years as Director of Skyline Chorus.

Thank you for all the singing…directing …and coaching opportunities you have given me. I know that who I am today is because I knew you.

I would like to honor Karen Laderman. She is a Region 21 Member of Harborlites, but she has be a Coach and friend to the Golden Sands Chorus in Region 11. We really appreciate her vocal and visual skills and her humor.

We met on my very first night visiting the Melodeers, and I am so happy to honor you, and all you mean to me!  So happy to have been on this journey with you! KTYM!

To a woman that changed my life forever with her knowledge and dedication to music.

It's a pleasure to honor you, and our 30 year friendship, for all you've brought to this organization, and for all the memories we've made together. With love and admiration.

Congratulations, Vickie! Thank you for so generously sharing your talents, skills and passion with this organization. You have touched the lives of so many!

For your wonderful dedication to the Diamond Jubilee Chorus.

PeeDee loved being a member of this organization.

For everything you have given to all of us, and all the ways you have helped me learn about being a Sweet Adeline, it is a pleasure to honor you!

In memory of Joan D’Agostino for the Arranger’s Certification Program

A truly splendid singer, and gifted arranger, and an exceptional friend. I’ll remember her always.

In loving memory of our riser sister!

Thank you for all you have done for Skyline Chorus for the last 40 years—and for the organization for 50 years! Keep on being your amazing self! Love ya bunches!

I would like to honor our Director Lou Schroff. She has been an incredible barbershop enthusiast for > 50 years. I want honor and  thank her for being the director of the Golden Sands Chorus for these last 7 years and i dedicate the is gift to her.

For her unstinting dedication of time, expertise, and passion.  A great director and a good friend!

Memorial gift for my Sweet Adeline friend.

In memory of dear friend, co Director and One Voice founder, Bev Miller.

You bring friendship, joy, and beautiful music into my home every week. Thanks for rehearsing at my house and making me your "manager"!

Kathy, Thanks for the wonderful 40+ years together!

Thank you for all you’ve done the champion music education!

Learning, growing and teaching with passion is you and for this I honor you!

You are all about education and empowerment and for this I honor you!

We are so honored to have you as our amazing, caring, and super talented director!! Thank you for the constant inspiration!

I would like to honour two groups equally with this donation! The HQ Staff, and in particular those who reached milestone anniversaries this year, and The International Board of Directors.

Love my dear friend and fabulous director!

In honor of Region 11!

From the Melodeers Chorus

I have sung with and for Vickie for many years -  her talent and leadership is amazing, and her selfless dedication to this wonderful craft of ours AND her passion for training, encouraging, and mentoring others is beyond belief!  Thank you!!❤️❤️ Vickie has been helping me achieve many goals from my very first Sweet Adeline days/years.  She has amazing supportive skills and brings out the talents of all who know her!

Congratulations! We are so proud to have you as our director!

Robin, I am honored to be singing with you. Thank you for saying "yes!" I knew we'd be friends for life, but I never thought I'd get to sing with you again.

Dear Vickie, Congratulations on this milestone! You are amazing! You are a "force to be reckoned with"! I am so proud to be a member of Skyline Chorus and under your direction. You bring out the Best in Us! I honor our amazingly talented director, Vickie Maybury. She consistently leads us to higher levels of achievement and joy as singers. We love her!

Pam, Thank you for welcoming me back into this joyful hobby. I love your talent, your spirit and your artistry. I am blessed to call you a treasured friend.

Joan, Thank you for your supportive coaching. But more than anything, thank you for birthing one of my favorite humans.

Thank you for your passion and dedication to SAI and Skyline Chorus. You are inspirational! With tremendous gratitude for your deep and lasting service Skyline Chorus and Sweet Adelines International. Happy 50 years of singing and living a life of harmony! You are a great director, coach, and friend. I have appreciated your guidance the 32 years I've been a member of Skyline Chorus.

Congratulations on your many achievements. You have made a difference in my life and many others. 🎶

Vickie, your passion, excitement, motivation for, and love of what you do can be felt by our entire chorus.  I feel inspired by you, excited to sing with you, and feel lucky to have you as my chorus director! To recognize the enormous contributions of my director and friend over 40 years directing Skyline Chorus and 50 years in Sweet Adelines. Congratulations on 40 years!

Thank you for your contributions!

Thank you to those who participated in this special recognition program! Mark your calendar for International Women’s Day, March 2025 to recognize your own special Sweet Adelines during next year’s “In Honor Of” Program.

Becky Duncan, Assistant Director of Philanthropy

Susan Smith, Chief Administrative and Philanthropy Officer

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