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2023 Results

2023 Results
Harmony Classic Division A and AA
Rising Star Quartet Contest
July 14, 2023
Richardson, Texas, USA
Diamond Division Quartet Contest
July 13, 2023
Richardson, Texas, USA
Regional Competitions

Region 1: North Atlantic


Region 2: Border Lakes


Region 3: Midwest Harmony


Region 4: Harmony Heartland


Region 5: Spirit of the Midwest


Region 6: Northern Lights


Region 8: Rocky Mountain


Region 9: Coastal Harmony


Region 10: Great Gulf Coast


Region 11: Sequoia Pacifica


Region 12: Pacific Shores


Region 13: North by Northwest


Region 14: Heart of the Blue Ridge


Region 15: Greater NY/NJ


Region 16: Lake Ontario


Region 17: Great Lakes Harmony


Region 19: Atlantic Bay-Mountain


Region 21: Golden West


Region 25: Heart of America


Region 26: Canadian Maple Leaf


Region 31: Quartet of Nations


Region 32: Nordic Light


Region 34: Southern Cross


Region 35: New Zealand

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Contest Performances

The lights were, in fact, shining when Sweet Adelines met in St. Louis for the 2018 International Convention. International Champions Scottsdale Chorus jumped for joy. Former Rising Star champions ClassRing became barbershop royalty. In Harmony Classic, Sirens of Gotham presented a winning rainbow of sound, and Wellington City Chorus boogied on into first place in their division. And those are just the official winners! Check out all the contest performances for inspiration, education and examples of the very best in women’s barbershop singing.

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