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Welcome Home, Quartets!

To sing in a quartet is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So if you're just starting out and need to register your quartet, or if you need to renew your quartet — Sweet Adelines International is here to help you make it happen!

Quartet registration is open May 1–March 31.

May 1–January 15: Quartet registration fee is $125 USD.
January 16–March 31: Quartet registration fee is $125 USD + $30 USD processing fee.
60 days before Regional Competition: New quartets planning to compete in Regional Competition must be registered with the organization at least 60 days prior to your contest date.

Quartets may renew from May 1–July 31.

May 1–July 31: Quartet renewal fee is $125 USD.
After July 31 renewal deadline: your quartet registration will be cancelled, you will not be able to renew online and your quartet’s name will become available in the quartet name search database.

Recap of Important Dates

(...and what they mean!)

May 1–January 15

Quartet Registrations: Registration fee is $125 USD through January 15.

January 15

The quartet registration fee between January 16–March 31 will have an additional $30 USD processing fee in addition to the $125 USD registration fee. It is a one-time additional fee for quartets that register from January 16–March 31. The rest of the year, the quartet fee is $125 USD only. That is why we recommend that quartets register by January 15.

January 16–March 31

Quartet Registrations: A $30 USD processing fee is added to the $125 USD registration fee beginning on January 16.

Total registration fee is $155 USD from January 16–March 31.

During the month of April

Quartet Registrations: No new quartet registrations processed.

Quartet Renewals: Renewal notices are emailed to the quartet's primary contact (as provided in online membership database).

April 30

Quartet Registrations: All Quartet Registrations expire on April 30.

Quartet Renewals: All quartets are subject to the same renewal deadline ending the fiscal year in which the registration takes place.

May 1

Quartet registration and renewal is open online and via mail/fax on May 1.

May 1–July 31

Quartet Renewals: During the quartet renewal period (May 1–July 31), existing quartets can change their name.

July 31

Quartet Renewals: Last day for quartets to renew is July 31.

August 1

After the July 31 renewal deadline, your quartet registration will be cancelled, you will not be able to renew online and your quartet’s name will become available in the quartet name search database.

If your quartet has been cancelled, contact quartet@sweetadelines.com to renew your quartet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please send any additional questions to quartet@sweetadelines.com.

How do I register my quartet?

Option 1: Online Quartet Registration


Option 2: Mail or Fax Quartet Registration Form

Sweet Adelines International
Attn: Quartet Registrar
9110 S. Toledo Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74137

Fax: 1.918.388.8083

How do I renew my quartet?

The quartet renewal period begins May 1 and ends July 31.
All quartet registrations expire April 30 of each year!

Option 1: Online Quartet Renewal
Online renewal can only be completed by the quartet's primary contact as listed in Sweet Adelines membership database.


Option 2: Mail or Fax Quartet Renewal Form


Sweet Adelines International
Attn: Quartet Registrar
9110 S. Toledo Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74137

Fax: 1.918.388.8083

What if my quartet expires before my regional competition date?

As long as your quartet is in good standing by the end of the fiscal year (April 30) you will not be disqualified from regional competition that year. (We consider regional competition part of the previous fiscal year because it begins in that time period.) You can pay your quartet’s renewal before your competition, but if you don’t, you will not be penalized. If you do not renew before July 31 your quartet registration will be cancelled.

How do I make a personnel change?

Option 1: Update quartet record online in Sweet Adelines Membership Database.


Option 2: Email or fax the Quartet Personnel Change Form


Email: quartet@sweetadelines.com

Fax: 1.918.388.8083

How do I find my "Quartet ID"?

Your Quartet ID can be found in our Membership Database.

How do I change my quartet name?

New Quartets: Quartet name changes are accepted three months after the initial registration date.

Existing Quartets: Quartets may change their name anytime between May 1–July 31 (the Quartet Renewal period).

Explain the quartet name approval process?

We are concerned with not only how a name is spelled but also how it sounds because of the confusion that could ensue when referencing the group. For example: should two quartets (or choruses) with similar names compete in the same competition, or if "chorus" or "quartet" is left off of the name during an announcement — would the intended group be unanimously understood by the audience?

Sweet Adelines International uses the following criteria for approving quartet names:

  • Is there already a chorus or quartet with the same spelled name?
  • Is there already a chorus or quartet with the same sounding name?
  • Is the name a difference of adding "the" to the beginning or pluralizing by adding an "s"?
How do I check quartet name availability?

To check quartet name availability, please enter your preferred quartet name in the search field and click the search button. The system will find all names that match (or are similar to) your search in both spelling and sound.

If your search reveals there is not a similar name, email quartet@sweetadelines.com to confirm your name is available.

What does it mean when there is a “hold” on a name?

A “hold” placed on a name means the name is unavailable because it is in use by an active quartet. Holds are placed on quartet names when a quartet places in a regional or international competition. The holding of a name extends for various amounts of time based on the degree of placement. For example, when a quartet becomes the International Champion Quartet, their name becomes permanently on hold whether the quartet is active or not.

International Champion Quartets (List of Unavailable Names)

Some quartet names are protected for various periods, depending on the quartet's placement at regional or international competition. Protected quartet names are not available until the release date.

Once a quartet becomes the International Champion Quartet, their quartet name is retired or protected permanently. This rule applies even if the quartet is no longer active.

Why do all quartets have “Quartet” after their name?

All quartets have the word “quartet” inserted after their name for filing purposes at headquarters as a way to distinguish quartets from choruses in our database. However, most quartets leave off the “quartet” when being introduced or performing.

From a public relations and social media perspective, we recommend including "quartet" in all correspondence including your official username on social media channels.

May I be a member of (and compete with) multiple quartets?

Sweet Adelines members can belong to an infinite number of registered quartets.

Quartet members may compete in up to two different quartets during the same regional contest as long as they are in different competition divisions (e.g., one quartet in International Division and one in Open Division).

No more than two members per quartet may compete in the second quartet in the same regional or international contest.

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