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Tune in to the “KSAI 5” news broadcast for noteworthy news across Region #5 Spirit of the Midwest.

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Travel in Tune... To Region #5

Be blown away by this region’s musical roots and fascinated by its culture and claims to fame during the "KSAI 5" broadcast on Travel in Tune. During our journey, Sweet Adelines from the region will take us on-site for special reporting across historic landmarks — you'll be sure to learn something new! Later in the week, partake in a five-chorus menu of vocal readiness exercises, dive into how to express emotion from the lens of a Visual Communication Judge and sit down with a Master Director for an informative class on painting phrases with tonal color.

Sneak Peek

Queen of Harmony (and news anchor) Michelle Hunget provides a livening glimpse of the journey ahead during this sneak peek video:

Special Performance

Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #5, with this video of the 2019 Champions Take 4 Quartet and River Blenders Chorus:


Welcome to Region #5 Spirit of the Midwest! In this welcome video, enjoy live reporting across the five states that make up the region:

Education Showcase

Give it your all, from head to toe, with the Region #5 Spirit of the Midwest Education Showcase on Travel in Tune! Get inspired with vocal readiness exercises and classes on expression for both singers and directors:

Region 5
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Region #5 Spirit of the Midwest encompasses choruses from Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Use the button below to find a chorus in Region #5.

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