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Diamond Division 2023 - Quartet Members
Meet the 2023 Diamond Division Quartets!

Be there...in person or online on Thursday, July 13.
Doors open at 6 p.m. and the contest (and livestream) begins at 6:30 p.m. CST.
Join us at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts.

Diamonds are 4-ever...

Quartet personnel and region listed in order of appearance.

Mic-Testers: Madison Avenue, 2022 Diamond Division Champions
Tenor: Anne Fenton   Lead: Barbara Underwood   Baritone: Jacque Glasgow   Bass: Caroline Rocco
Region 25 Heart of America

Competitor 1: Quad City Sound
Tenor: Jan Fisher   Lead: Melody White   Baritone: Denise Fly   Bass: Vickie Dennis
Region 10 Great Gulf Coast and Region 25 Heart of America

Competitor 2: Party Mix
Tenor: Wendi Young   Lead: Michele Baldwin   Baritone: Kathy Blodgett   Bass: Susan Kegley
Region 21 Golden West

Competitor 3: No Curfew
Tenor: Donna Adams   Lead: Shamane Fernandez   Baritone: Julie Vaughn   Bass: Susan Hallenbeck
Region 9 Coastal Harmony

Competitor 4: Jewelies and a Gem
Tenor: Julie Baxter   Lead: Julie Harrelson   Baritone: Kerry Kaempf   Bass: Julie Starr
Region 12 Pacific Shores

Competitor 5: The Rest of Us
Tenor: Pat Walz   Lead: Suzi Johnsen   Baritone: Cindy Munnell   Bass: Melody Horgan
Region 8 Rocky Mountain

Competitor 6: Radiance
Tenor: Mary Downs   Lead: Bonnie Garcia   Baritone: Bebe Caldwell   Bass: Janet Moe
Region 10 Great Gulf Coast

Competitor 7: Rendezvous
Tenor: Denice French   Lead: Lynne Erickson   Baritone: Lynnette Lewis   Bass: Lana Held
Region 4 Harmony Heartland

Competitor 8: Sentimental Journey
Tenor: Cynthia Sommerville   Lead: Jan Welsh   Baritone: Martha Delargey   Bass: Nancy Sommerville
Region 2 Border Lakes

Competitor 9: Touchstone
Tenor: Robin Osborn   Lead: Debra Aungst   Baritone: Sydney Thompson   Bass: Paula Davis
Region 13 North by Northwest

Competitor 10: iTones
Tenor: Kathleen Clough   Lead: Pamela Ross   Baritone: Norma Rash   Bass: Fran Furtner
Region 4 Harmony Heartland

Competitor 11: Heart & Soul
Tenor: Beverly Gooden   Lead: Lisa Perras   Baritone: Janice Orange   Bass: Marlene Snare
Region 10 Great Gulf Coast

Competitor 12: Off The Cuff
Tenor: Nancy Strutzenberg   Lead: Cheryl Koenig   Baritone: Joni Klawitter   Bass: Alison Crannell
Region 5 Spirit of the Midwest

Competitor 13: Surprise Package
Tenor: Beth Buchholz   Lead: Janet Muller   Baritone: Mickie Holladay   Bass: Lynn Sedwick
Region 4 Harmony Heartland

Competitor 14: New Edition
Tenor: Alice Williams   Lead: Jane Schlinke   Baritone: Anna Mae Garner   Bass: Carin Williamson
Region 10 Great Gulf Coast

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