Diamond Division 2024 - Quartet Members
Meet the 2024 Diamond Division Quartets!

Join us on Saturday, July 27, at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Downtown hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the contest begins at 6 p.m. CST.
Tickets to attend in person or to watch via live stream will be available for purchase. Details coming soon!

Quartets are listed in order of appearance.

Mic-Testers: Quad City Sound, 2023 Diamond Division Champion
Tenor: Jan Fisher   Lead: Melody White   Baritone: Denise Fly   Bass: Vickie Dennis
Region 10 Great Gulf Coast and Region 25 Heart of America

Competitor 1: Mood Ring
Tenor: Heather Stevens   Lead: Madeline Anderson-Balmer   Baritone: Amy Stacey   Bass: Beth Anderson-Balmer
Region 17 Great Lakes Harmony

Competitor 2: Vintage Blend
Tenor: Joyce Vaclav   Lead: Lora Ambrose   Baritone: Anna Dean-McDonald   Bass: Nancy Sommerville
Region 2 Border Lakes

Competitor 3: Passing Fancy
Tenor: Cynthia Simpkins   Lead: Phyllis Quast   Baritone: Karen Grier   Bass: Patricia Wall
Region 14 Heart of the Blue Ridge

Competitor 4: What?!
Tenor: Carol McFarland   Lead: Vicky Cordi   Baritone: Cheryl Hamon   Bass: Jodi Back
Region 4 Harmony Heartland

Competitor 5: Shine!
Tenor: Tracy Ferdman   Lead: Gayle Burton   Baritone: Cindy Doerschuck   Bass: Quay Houchen
Region 9 Coastal Harmony

Competitor 6: Southern Sapphire
Tenor: Susan Stair   Lead: Susan Brooks   Baritone: Janet Brockman   Bass: Diane McGrath
Region 4 Harmony Heartland

Competitor 7: 4's Company
Tenor: Kimberly Ruder   Lead: Susan Combs   Baritone: Bobbie Brown   Bass: Glenda Rucker
Region 5 Spirit of the Midwest

Competitor 8: JAZZ!
Tenor: Pam Mallard   Lead: Diane Durham   Baritone: Tawny Brown   Bass: Diana Schweitzer
Region 25 Heart of America

Competitor 9: Just4Kicks
Tenor: Diane Sussuma   Lead: Jean Schoenlank   Baritone: Katie Blackwood   Bass: Beth Fulton
Region 15 Greater NY/NJ

Competitor 10: Whimsy
Tenor: Vicki Jernas   Lead: Kristin Farwig   Baritone: Christine Dunham   Bass: Debi Batchelor
Region 3 Midwest Harmony

Competitor 11: Bejeweled
Tenor: Sandra Recker   Lead: Bebe Caldwell   Baritone: Lisa Pitcher   Bass: Janet Moe
Region 10 Great Gulf Coast

Competitor 12: Treble in the Village
Tenor: Kathy Allison   Lead: Patty Barnes   Baritone: Kristi Ponder   Bass: Sharon Gardner
Region 25 Heart of America

Competitor 13: On the Brink
Tenor: Jennifer Romsaas   Lead: Carol Kurtz   Baritone: Linda Harmsen   Bass: Tracy Wolf
Region 6 Northern Lights

Competitor 14: Cabaret
Tenor: Jennifer Seivert   Lead: Christine Peart   Baritone: Carol Brust   Bass: Jacque Reinig
Region 8 Rocky Mountain

Competitor 15: Bubbly
Tenor: Dana Dunlevy   Lead: Carol Beckmann   Baritone: Lana Owens   Bass: Gari Brindle
Region 9 Coastal Harmony

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