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Rising Star 2023 - Quartet Members
Meet the 2023 Rising Star Quartets!

Be there...in person or online on Friday, July 14.
Doors open at 6 p.m. and the contest (and livestream) begins at 6:30 p.m. CST.
Join us at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts.

The Power of 4...

Quartet personnel and Sweet Adelines region or location listed in order of appearance.

Mic-Testers: The Valkyries, 2022 Rising Star Champions
Tenor: Grace Lueck   Lead: Therese Masangcay   Baritone: Kayla Quilantang   Bass: Sarah Morehead
Region 11 Sequoia Pacifica

Competitor 1: Perpetual Sound
Tenor: Nicole Wilson   Lead: Kristina Henderson   Baritone: Kianna Montanez   Bass: Diane McGuire
Region 25 Heart of America

Competitor 2: What's In Score
Tenor: Bex Steege   Lead: MacKenzie Shires   Baritone: Kathrynne Shelton   Bass: Emma Lopez
Region 11 Sequoia Pacifica and 21 Golden West

Competitor 3: Counterpoint
Tenor: Molly Rymes   Lead: Jamie Mcintyre   Baritone: Rhianna Spong   Bass: Holly Vose
Region 8 Rocky Mountain

Competitor 4: 1 Blonde 3 Not
Tenor: Kaydence Edwards   Lead: Cozette Banda   Baritone: Cora Resczenski   Bass: Alice Resczenski
Mission, Texas, USA

Competitor 5: Cosmic
Tenor: Cheyenne Gonzalez   Lead: Holli Houtz   Baritone: Catrina Tulowiecki   Bass: Madison Padgett
Region 2 Border Lakes, 4 Harmony Heartland, and 10 Great Gulf Coast

Competitor 6: Radiant
Tenor: Abbie Owens   Lead: Hannah Paschal   Baritone: Emma Paschal   Bass: Katie Vincent
Region 9 Coastal Harmony

Competitor 7: Ciao Bellas
Tenor: Emily Miller   Lead: Abby Kline   Baritone: Anne Kline   Bass: Mia Steiger
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Competitor 8: Supernova
Tenor: Mia Benavides   Lead: Anabel Bordelon   Baritone: Elizabeth Castillo   Bass: Alyna Monreal-Cancino
Austin, Texas, USA        

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