Region #17

Climb aboard "The Chordbusters Express" as we travel across Region #17 Great Lakes Harmony.

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Travel in Tune...To Region #17
All aboard "The Chordbusters Express" to Region #17

Climb aboard 'The Chordbusters Express" as we travel to Region #17 Great Lakes Harmony for an adventure that has us going “bananas” for barbershop!

All Aboard...

Ring, ring, ring...Lucille Quartet walks us through a hilarious "banana phone" montage in anticipation of our tour through Region #17 Great Lakes Harmony. Watch the video below as we prepare to climb aboard "The Chordbusters Express."

We have arrived!

Welcome to Region #17 Great Lakes Harmony! Travel in Tune on an “a-peeling” barbershop tour to the region’s 22 choruses for learning and fun via “The Chordbusters Express.”

Education Showcase

What makes barbershop give you goosebumps? It’s 11 special chords that make barbershop the art form we love! Learn more in “The 11 Barbershop Chords,” the Region #17 Travel in Tune Education Showcase hosted by Jean Flinn and Diane Porsch.

Special Performance

All aboard! Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #17, with this video of the 2019 Region #17 Champions Lucille Quartet and Buffalo Gateway Chorus.

Travel Docs

Go "bananas" over the 11 chords of barbershop with instruction from Diane Porsch and Jean Flinn on Travel in Tune! Don't forget to download the correlating Travel Docs (aka Education Handouts) so you can follow along during the Education Showcase.

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