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Region #11
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"Let The Sunshine In" as we journey through Region #11 Sequoia Pacifica on our next Travel in Tune adventure...


We have arrived in Region #11 Sequoia Pacifica… where there’s never a shortage of sunshine! Now that we’ve arrived, are you ready to journey through time? Admire the unique photos and enjoy beautiful harmonies from quartet and chorus champions over the years in the Region’s welcome video below:

Special Performance

Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #11, with a special performance from the 2019 Regional Champions SwingTime Quartet and Santa Monica Chorus.

Education Showcase

Have you ever wondered how many ways you can blow a pitch pipe? Learn all about pitch pipe techniques with Regional Marketing Coordinators Jen Zucker and Tammy Ragsdale in Region #11’s Education Showcase.

Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!
Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!

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