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Discover the cavities that resonate, experience the breathtaking act of lung inflation, immerse yourself in the good vibrations of the vocal cords (...and more!) during our adventure to Region #25 Heart of America.

Sneak Peek

During our next Travel in Tune adventure, Master Director and Champion Vocalist Dale Syverson and Anatomy and Physiology Professor Melody Streit will plunge you into the fascinating internal mechanisms that make sound possible. Watch the just-released "sneak peek" video to prepare for our upcoming journey:

Special Performance

Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #25, with this video of the 2019 Champions Rendition Quartet and The Rich-Tone Chorus:


Welcome to Region #25 Heart of America! Take a look at the friendships that have formed from northwest Texas to Tennessee through the shared love of four-part a cappella harmony. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, reminisce historically-hilarious performances, learn the origins of the flag parade and so much more in this region’s “welcome” video:

Education Showcase

What structures are involved in the production of sound? Understanding how the structures work will help us to master our instrument…The voice! During Region #25’s Education Showcase, we will learn all about the mechanisms of our voice so we can produce the highest quality of sound. Our expert navigators (Melody Streit and Dale Syverson) will guide the way:

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Region #25 Heart of America is comprised of choruses and quartets from seven states, stretching from northwest Texas to Tennessee in the United States. Use the button below to find a chorus in Region #25.

Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!
Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!

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