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“Let’s have a sight at the great Nordic Light...”

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Travel in Tune Region 32 Nordic Light
Travel in Tune... To Region #32

Welcome to Region #32 Nordic Light. This region is known for innovative, exciting performances. They are full of surprises — and championship medals too!

Sneak Peek

During this sneak peek video, three-time International Champion Director Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl prepares us for illuminating adventure to Region #32: Feast your eyes on the incredible natural beauty of this region and memorable moments from much-loved performances:

Special Performance

Check out this exciting selection of memorable Region #32 performances:


Learn some regional history from Team Coordinator Annika Dellås during the “Welcome” video:

Education Showcase

Learn to be creative, playful, and curious with Region #32 Nordic Light’s enjoyable Educational Showcase. Get inspired with interactive warmups, illustrations of rhythm exercises, drills, and a lesson on the Visual Communication category:

Find a Chorus

Region #32 Nordic Light encompasses the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. This region is home to reigning International Champion Rönninge Show Chorus, along with more than 18 other choruses and over 30 registered quartets. Use the button below to find a chorus in Region #32.

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Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!

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