2023 Results
Harmony Classic Division A and AA
Rising Star Quartet Contest
July 14, 2023
Richardson, Texas, USA
Diamond Division Quartet Contest
July 13, 2023
Richardson, Texas, USA
Regional Competitions

Region 1: North Atlantic


Region 2: Border Lakes


Region 3: Midwest Harmony


Region 4: Harmony Heartland


Region 5: Spirit of the Midwest


Region 6: Northern Lights


Region 8: Rocky Mountain


Region 9: Coastal Harmony


Region 10: Great Gulf Coast


Region 11: Sequoia Pacifica


Region 12: Pacific Shores


Region 13: North by Northwest


Region 14: Heart of the Blue Ridge


Region 15: Greater NY/NJ


Region 16: Lake Ontario


Region 17: Great Lakes Harmony


Region 19: Atlantic Bay-Mountain


Region 21: Golden West


Region 25: Heart of America


Region 26: Canadian Maple Leaf


Region 31: Quartet of Nations


Region 32: Nordic Light


Region 34: Southern Cross


Region 35: New Zealand

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