Region #26

An "Xcellent Canadian Xpedition" awaits!

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Travel in Tune... To Region #26
Travel in Tune... To Region #26

Are you ready for an ecstatic Travel in Tune to Sweet Adelines only all-Canadian Region. An "Xcellent Canadian Xpedition" encompassing learning, leadership, and entertainment awaits! 

Sneak Peek

Are you ready for an ecstatic Take a sneak peek at our upcoming trip to Region #26 Canadian Maple Leaf:

Special Performance

Get to know your next Travel in Tune destination, Region #26, with a special performance by the 2019 Regional Champions No Strings Quartet and Westcoast Harmony Chorus:


Welcome to Region #26 Canadian Maple Leaf! Take a closer look at the only all-Canadian region within Sweet Adelines and meet amazing members that are proud to call this region of “space and spirit” their home:

Education Showcase

Learning. Leadership. Entertainment. Find them all on the Region #26 Education Showcase of Travel in Tune! Join games and exercises for grounding and focus, then sit in on conversations with inspiring international and regional leaders:

Find a Chorus

Region #26 Canadian Maple Leaf is made up of the following provinces and territories — BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and Nunavut. You're invited to attend a chorus rehearsal in Region #26 and see what we're all about! (“It will change your life!”)

Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!
Check out the Travel in Tune...Blog!

Can't get enough of Region #26? (Tell us a-boot it!) Learn more about Region #26 and find even more to explore by reading the blog post.

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