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Buckle in and get ready to travel "Up and Away Down Under" on Travel in Tune!

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Travel in Tune...To Region #34
Travel "Up and Away Down Under" to Region #34

(Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!) There’s plenty of room for visitors in our biggest region, Southern Cross, aka Sweet Adelines Australia. Buckle in and get ready to travel (or revisit your adventure) to Region #34. (Oi! Oi! Oi!)

Now Boarding

International Faculty member Lea Baker (Endeavour Harmony Chorus Musical Director) and International Board of Directors member Sharon Cartwright (Vocalescence Chorus) prepare you to visit Region 34 in this video.

We have arrived! Australia! What’s the Southern Cross? Just how big is Australia, anyway? Now that we have arrived at our destination, find out all about Region 34 Southern Cross in their welcome video below.

Education Showcase

Travel Up and Away Down Under for a lesson on creating a great performance package using the “story storm” method with SA International Faculty member Glenda Lloyd, Master Director of Brindabella Chorus.

Special Performance

Australia is home to several internationally recognized choruses and quartets, including 2018 Harmony Classic Division AA International Champion Brindabella Chorus. To get an idea of the varied sounds of Region #34, check out this video of the 2019 regional champions, Enchant quartet and Endeavour Harmony Chorus.

Travel Docs

Learn the “story storm” with Region #34 on Travel in Tune! While await our adventure, please download the correlating Travel Doc (aka Education Handout) so you can follow along during the Education Showcase.


Travel Blog

Learn about the land down under and the barbershoppers who love it by reading the Region #34 blog post.

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